A Brief History of Rock Stars Complaining About Politicians Using Their Songs

With last night’s fog-heavy entrance on stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump introduced that night’s keynote speaker (his wife, Melania) and seriously annoyed aging rock group Queen. Trump entered the stage to the sound of Queen’s well-known anthem, “We are the Champions,” and the surviving members of the band, particularly guitarist … Continued


Why Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton are BFFs!

Katy Perry is ready for Hillary! Bedecked in an American flag cape, turban, and Hillary-for-president logo sewn on to her skintight dress, the singer took to the stage on October 24 at an Iowa rally to perform songs such as “Roar.” Later in the evening, she was a featured guest at a political dinner where … Continued

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Donald Trump Should Eat Some Humble Pie

Could there be two more stylistically disparate presidential candidates on the same side of the political aisle (at least nominally) than soft-spoken surgeon Ben Carson and swaggering showman Donald Trump? When asked recently what sets him apart from his rival, Carson cited a favorite verse from his daily reading of Proverbs: “A man’s pride brings … Continued

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Parenthood’s Kristina Braverman Deserved to Lose

I appreciate that Kristina Braverman finally acknowledged on Parenthood that she should have gone negative in her race for mayor of Berkeley. But my opinion remains unchanged: she deserved to lose. Kristina is generally likeable, and her seizing the day and running for office in the wake of her cancer is admirable. However, even by her … Continued

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