George Martin: The Real Fifth Beatle

There were only ever four Beatles: George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney (?), and Ringo Starr. But that hasn’t stopped many from nominating candidates for an unofficial, honorary “Fifth Beatle” to join the group in musical immortality. Many possibilities exist. Yet surveying them reveals Beatles producer George Martin, whose death last week at 90 deprived … Continued

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What Will Pop Culture Look Like After the Baby Boomers?

Who will be the next David Bowie? Bowie’s January 10 death deprived the world of one of its greatest creative talents. Born in 1947, the relentlessly innovative Bowie was both a part of the Baby Boomer generation and one of the primary shapers of the culture it created. His influence pervaded not only music, but … Continued

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Can Rock Defeat Terrorism?

One month ago, Eagles of Death Metal were in mid-performance at the Bataclan Theater in Paris when their show was interrupted by a terrorist attack that left 89 dead there (and 130 total in coordinated attacks elsewhere in the city). All the members of the rock band survived and were understandably traumatized, but they swiftly … Continued

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Paul McCartney, Still on the Run at 72

I remember when rock was young, as Elton John sang, so young that no one could even imagine a rock star being over the age of 30. The very thought of someone that old still pumping out power chords onstage would have seemed ludicrous to my generation. Speaking of “My Generation,” The Who’s lyric “I … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Watch the First Kiss Ever Filmed–Huffington Post Paul McCartney Yesterday and Today–Rolling Stone Sex, Lies, Memoirs: The Cost of Writing Tell-All Books–Atlantic Reese Witherspoon on Domestic Violence & Rihanna–WaPo Get Ready for MTV’s Sex Advice Show–The Wrap Black & White & Red All Over the Red Carpet–WSJ Wearing Red Makes You Sexy, Dumb & Repellant–Jezebel … Continued