No, Bolshevik Parents Weren’t Early Free Rangers

The whitewashing of communism since the end of the Cold War is evident in recent polling that shows, alarmingly, that Americans have growing affection for the political theory and form of governance. According to a poll released by the Victims of Communism Memorial Fund, twenty-three percent of American millennials consider Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong … Continued


What ‘It’ Can Teach Helicopter Parents About Kids and Resilience

If you’ve seen the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s It, you may have acquired a new fear of clowns. But the movie offers more than thrills and chills—it also inadvertently offers some useful lessons on parenting. The movie, set in 1988, features a group of preteens who find themselves terrorized by a supernatural being … Continued


Why More and More Women Don’t Mind Being Called ‘Bad Moms’

Are there any good mothers left? It’s a question that some people may be pondering because popular culture seems to be filled with “bad moms.” The trend probably started earlier but writer Ayelet Waldman was probably on the cutting edge with her weird admission that she loves her husband (novelist Michael Chabon) more than her … Continued


Don’t Feel Guilty About Helping Your Child Succeed

Does providing your children with enrichment activities give them a head start for success or an unfair advantage? A recent David Brooks column in the New York Times argues that for college educated parents, it’s the latter. “Over the past generation, members of the college educated class have become amazingly good at making sure their … Continued


In Defense of High-Tech Parenting

Summer presents a lot of challenges for parents. Finding (and paying for!) childcare, keeping kids at least a little engaged in academics, and helping kids learn to grapple with boredom and entertain themselves are all on the list. Many people would also add controlling their kids’ access to technology: We don’t want our kids wasting … Continued


Keyshawn Johnson: Father of the Year?

For sports fans of a certain age, the name “Keyshawn Johnson” is not one closely associated with terms like “humility” and “wise counsel.” Drafted as the overall #1 pick in 1996 by the New York Jets, for more than a decade the hot-shot wide receiver from the University of Southern California made headlines and football … Continued


Say Anything. . . Just Not to a Mom?

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of articles that tell people what not to say to mothers: What not to say to a mom What not to say to a mom who had a C-section What not to say to a mom of boys What not to say to a mom of girls What not to … Continued


What the Theater Can Teach Us About Living in the Moment

A movie chain in southern California recently announced the opening of a new theater with an indoor jungle gym situated alongside stadium seating. The goal is to “exhaust” children ahead of the movie so parents can sit back and enjoy the flick. The kids, meanwhile, will “then sprawl out on beanbags and lounge seats and … Continued