Why Parents Should Stop Listening to Parenting Advice

Pity the parents of today. While plenty of people would argue that modern parenting has never been easier thanks to a free-market economy that delivers essentials like diapers and wipes to your doorstep and an entire market that performs any range of childcare duties from babysitting to nursing your newborn at night, it all comes … Continued


Parents, Make Less Screen Time New Year’s Resolution #1

With parents busy juggling the run-up to the holidays, it’s nice that the media is taking a break from their usual alarmism and guilt-mongering. A recent report from Common Sense Media about technology use among parents elicited gentle rebukes, such as this from PBS‘s Laura Santhanam: “If you want to scold your teen or tween … Continued


Dads, Here’s What to Expect When Your Wife is Expecting

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, my lovely wife gave birth to our first child—a girl—whom we named Evelyn Inez Moeller. On the heels of a miscarriage last winter and nine eventful (albeit healthy) months of pregnancy this time around, to say that we were excited to welcome Little Evie into the world would be quite … Continued


Stop Parenting from the Couch

“Daddy, when can I get an iPhone?” asked my nine-year-old daughter. “What makes you ask?” I replied, surprised. She told me her ten-year-old friend at the YMCA has her own iPhone and tablet and “she can play Minecraft whenever she wants.” This was big news to me since we’ve recently limited tablet time to the … Continued


Why You Can’t Always Trust Parenting “Experts”

When I was pregnant with our first child, more than a couple of friends warned me not to read What to Expect When You Are Expecting unless I wanted to add to my already overdeveloped sense of fear and anxiety at giving birth. I’m glad to have heeded that advice, but it didn’t stop me … Continued


Confessions of a Former Sanctimommy

So I have a confession: I used to be a sanctimommy. Well, I still kind of am one, but I’m working on it, I swear. What is a sanctimommy, you ask? You know the type—the sanctimonious mother you avoid because she judges every single parenting decision you make, such as how you feed your kids, … Continued


Why Parents Need to Stop Attacking Each Other

Summer has only just begun, and already, Americans have been riveted by two stories of children facing life-threatening danger. First, a four-year-old boy fell into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and had to be rescued by zoo personnel who shot the primate to death. And then, most horrifyingly, at a Walt Disney World … Continued


Should We Let Our Kids Fail?

With apologies to The Who, the kids aren’t alright. The kids are depressed, the kids are anxious, the kids can’t stand to fail, the kids are entitled crybabies, and the kids can’t handle entering adulthood. At Psychology Today, Peter Grey writes a lot about how the combination of a deficit in unsupervised children’s play and … Continued

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Baby Mozart or Baby Adele?

Should parents expose young children to Adele or to Mozart? More broadly, should we try to form in our children an appreciation for worthy pop culture or for the classics of our civilization? The day Adele’s new single, “Hello” was released, I explained to our two-year-old daughter (as much as one can fruitfully explain anything … Continued

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How Not to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

If there’s one thing parents can agree on, having “the talk” with your kids is never easy. I had to explain “it” to my seven-year-old when he started asking too many questions about the Virgin Mary. The old “Well . . . um, she and Joseph didn’t sleep in the same room” routine just wasn’t … Continued

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