Failure is a Great Teacher—Even for Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is a ratings queen again, this time, with OWN—the Oprah Winfrey Network that launched in 2011 in partnership with Discovery Communications, Inc. Over the past two years OWN’s viewership has grown roughly 30 percent to an average of 537,000 according to Nielson—and this at a time when many cable networks’ audiences have been … Continued

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Is It Time to Forgive Lance Armstrong?

Lance Armstrong is sorry. Really sorry. During a two-hour sit down on December 15th with comedian and Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator, Joe Rogan, on Rogan’s popular, free-form, conversational podcast, Armstrong explained: Eventually I realized that the worst thing I had done—worse than the lying—was the horrible way that I had treated people. I have traveled … Continued

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Is It Time to Forgive Chris Brown?

Maybe Oprah was wrong. Maybe when a man does something as despicable as hitting a woman, he realizes what a tool he is and gets help. Maybe he asks for forgiveness. Maybe he doesn’t do it again. In 2009, pop singer Chris Brown was arrested and convicted for assaulting his girlfriend, the singer Rihanna. On … Continued

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Barack Obama: Celebrity-in-Chief

This celebrity has been on The View,  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Oprah, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, has been on the cover of Rolling Stone, and has had exclusive interviews with Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine. Can you guess who it is? If you guessed the Commander-in-Chief, … Continued


Five Business Tips from Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Tabloid celebrity news focuses our attention on what not to do, but we don’t have to learn only from celebrities’ mistakes. Here are five successful strategies we can adapt from celebrity entrepreneurs: Engage fully in your venture. Celebrity entrepreneurs differ from mere endorsers. Celebrity endorsers simply lend their name to a brand or a product … Continued


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The First Rule of Being Cool–Elizabeth Scalia Should You “Marry Your Sexual Obsession”? Yes.–Elle The Secret Lives of Tweens Online–WSJ Oprah Encourages Everyone To Say Thanks on Facebook–Mashable Facebook Helps Organ Donors Share Life–ABC What You Lose When You Sign That Donor Card–WSJ The Farrah Fawcett You Never Knew–THR Dear Paris, I Love You But … Continued


The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Where pop culture meets the virtues . . . Taylor Swift: The Single Life in Bohemian Chic—Vogue Mark Wahlberg on his Rocky Childhood and the Importance of Faith—via Hot Air The End of Twinkies?—The Daily Beast How Nietzsche Changed American Culture—NYT The Exquisite Beauty of Kathleen Edwards’ Voyageur Album—Rolling Stone Gov. Christie Talks Weight, Doughnuts … Continued