Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Meltdown and Our Entitlement Problem

During the Gilmore Girls revival series which aired on Netflix recently, we found one of its stars, the fearless millennial Rory Gilmore, floundering in her career. It’s inexplicable (at least to her) why this is happening. Why can’t she find a steady writing job so many years after graduating from Yale University? She was editor-in-chief … Continued


The Top Seven Myths About New Year’s Resolutions

‘Tis the season for making resolutions—and if you’re like millions of Americans, you’ve got your list of things you’d like to change about yourself. Every year, millions of folks talk about New Year’s Resolutions . . . and fail to change much of anything about themselves. Why? Here’s a dose of Resolutions Reality to start … Continued


Why New Year’s is the Worst Holiday Ever

Americans are suckers for lofty expectations (See: Obama, Barack, the election of). We are also well versed in the collective wallowing and grievance mongering that inevitably ensues when those expectations aren’t met (Ibid.). The current political season offers more examples. Republican voters are competing to determine which candidate will most thoroughly defeat and destroy ISIS … Continued


Ditch the New Year’s Diet: Be Like Ben Franklin Instead

January 1st—it is the best of days; it is the worst of days. Of the 364 that follow it, that first day is perhaps the most blessed and the most cursed. New Year’s Day is the tabula rasa of time—a chance for a clean slate, a fresh start, the beginning of a brand new year. … Continued


Today’s Pop Culture Scene

by Emily Esfahani Smith 1. GOP celebrity endorsements from The Daily Beast (Kelsey Grammer, who supported Rudy Giuliani in 2008, was apparently smitten by Michele Bachmann in this primary cycle; Chuck Norris is a Ron Paul guy–as is Barry Manilow; and Cindy Crawford is gunning for Mitt). 2. Art fix: Julianne Moore as Modigliani’s muse, … Continued