Why Harry Connick, Jr. Should Run for President

Harry Connick, Jr. should run for president. Spend any time with Connick, as I did recently during a phone interview, and it becomes clear that Harry has what the country needs right now. He’s patriotic, with two family members who are in the military. A brilliant jazz musician, he is respectful and empathetic to African-Americans … Continued


What Today’s Celebs Could Learn from George Michael’s Generosity

George Michael celebrated his last Christmas on Sunday before dying of heart failure. The pop star was fifty-three years old, and while you may know him best for his holiday hit, “Last Christmas” (Taylor Swift’s version will never compare), or his 1980s stardom as one half of the pop duo, “Wham!” there’s a lot more … Continued


Why Bob Dylan Shouldn’t Have Won a Nobel Prize

  Bob Dylan is one of the most beguiling and vital artists in the history of American popular music, but he doesn’t deserve a Nobel prize in literature, because what he does is not literary. Literature is something that exists to be read. To be blunt about it, Dylan’s lyrics are close to being unreadable. … Continued


Want to See Women’s Equality? Look to Jazz

Because liberals appear to have a psychological imperative to pursue social causes, it’s very rare that they will admit that a social problem has been solved. People have an innate need to feel virtuous, and when your concept of virtue is tied not to personal achievement and decency but to perfecting the world, it’s hard … Continued

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Spreading Light — and Music — to Refugee Children

In the midst of a bruising presidential election season here at home, it’s easy for Americans to forget about challenges abroad, such as the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. But one young American woman living in Berlin, Kate Eberstadt, did more than pay attention; she took action. She and a friend created the Hutto Project, … Continued


Is Kidz Bop Crypto-Conservative?

  Billboard magazine just announced its first Greatest of All Time rankings, a collection of the bestselling songs, albums, and artists in music history. Curiously, at number four of the Most Billboard 200 Top 10 Albums by Artist list—below the Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand, and The Beatles, but ahead of Bob Dylan, Madonna, and Elton John—is Kidz … Continued

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A (Country Music) Truce in the Culture Wars

Pop-country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves is a fascinating example of art intersecting with politics. At a time when a resurgent strain of political correctness dominates the cultural conversation, Musgraves demonstrates a willingness to reject censorious tendencies and tolerate the pluralism of her neighbors, offering a level-headed perspective that has the rare power to cut across partisan lines. … Continued

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Kim K Cover Shows ‘Rolling Stone’ Doesn’t Care About Rock ‘n Roll

Sinead O’Connor spoke out against Rolling Stone’s July cover model, Kim Kardashian, on her official Facebook account yesterday: The post drew tens of thousands of likes, comments, and shares, and no shortage of insults. O’Connor was quickly labeled a “one-hit wonder,” “has-been,” and “irrelevant” by commenters, many of whom were more upset about her use … Continued

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