Does a New Novel Glorify the Manson Murders?

Has there ever been a generation in human history more devoted to self-mythology than the Baby Boomers? Casting themselves as idealistic revolutionaries, the privileged, largely white, college-educated Boomers were going to remake 1960s America into a utopia of love and brotherhood: “We are Stardust. We are Golden,” Joni Mitchell sang. Sadly, or so their mythology … Continued

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Could Their Families Have Stopped the Columbine Killers and the Unabomber?

What is it like to live with—and even love—someone who, it turns out, is a monster? Two new memoirs describe such a reality and they make for upsetting reading. “I’ve done a good job with this kid,” Sue Klebold thought to herself after chatting pleasantly with her son Dylan about that evening’s Columbine High School … Continued


What Can We Learn From Watching the Roanoke Shooting Footage?

There is an old story about how Native Americans, when first introduced to the camera, believed that it could steals their souls. Though usually taken as a story of primitive superstition, you can find a sort of retelling of it by Western writers like Susan Sontag and Daniel Boorstin, who also believed images could rob … Continued


The Senseless Death of Selena

Sometimes people do horrible things, and there is no explanation. That’s been a theme in the news recently. In Colorado, a seven-months-pregnant lady responded to an ad on Craiglist to buy used baby clothes. The advertiser lured her in, stabbed her, and cut out her baby, who did not survive. A depressed pilot appears to … Continued

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The Tragedy of ‘Foxcatcher’

Director Bennett Miller is a talented filmmaker. Strong screenwriting always helps, especially when attempting to bring a book about baseball statistics to the silver screen as he did with 2011’s Oscar nominated Moneyball. But with his latest effort, Foxcatcher, Miller has proven that he has the skill to handle complex, layered dramas that do not … Continued

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Why the Trayvon Martin Case Does Matter

Cable news has run wall-to-wall coverage of the George Zimmerman trial the last few weeks, and this has given the literary public another chance to complain about a small-time American crime case getting undue attention. In Chicago, for example, eleven people were murdered over the July 4th weekend. Yet viewers are fixated on this year-and-a-half-old … Continued

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