The War Against Taco Tuesday

A burrito cart in Portland recently closed after citizens of one of America’s most progressive cities charged its owners with cultural appropriation. Accused of exploiting a marginalized culture by serving its food, two white women and their breakfast burritos were forced into early retirement. Does this signify the collapse of ethnic cuisine? Are all Mexican … Continued


How Multiculturalism Took Over Comic Books

Last week Marvel comics announced that it was replacing Bruce Banner (old, white guy) with Amadeus Cho (young, Korean guy) as the Incredible Hulk. This comes on the heels of Marvel recently turning Thor into a woman, Ms. Marvel into a Muslim teenager, and Spider-Man into a kid who’s half African-American and half Puerto Rican … Continued


The PC World of Disney Fairies

  The Disney Fairies franchise is the most perfect gateway drug ever invented by Hollywood. It’s a series of movies (and books and video games and theme park rides) centered on Tinker Bell that imagines an entire fairy world where Tink and her friends have adventures and learn lessons before the events of Peter Pan. … Continued

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