Salma Hayek, Harvey Weinstein, and Sex in the Movies

In her gripping exposure of Harvey Weinstein, outlined in a recent New York Times opinion piece, actress Salma Hayek has unraveled one of Hollywood’s most cherished myths: that sexual content in movies is necessary for “art.” Sex, they say, is part of life, and it is necessary to show it to depict the fullness of … Continued


The Bleak Morality of ‘Blade Runner 2049’

I went to see Blade Runner 2049, last weekend, and three hours after I walked into the theater—yeah, you read that right, THREE hours—I walked out a bit deafer thanks to the gratuitously loud soundtrack and slightly unsettled from what I’d just seen. If the year 2049 is even remotely like the film, then we … Continued


Requiem for A ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’

Horror gets little respect from cultural critics, whether it appears in books, graphic novels, TV or movies. And yet, horror films are tremendously popular – witness the recent success of the indie film Get Out or powerhouse series such as Saw, Friday the 13th, The Conjuring, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Horror film director … Continued


The Ten Best World War II Films of All-Time

Last month we celebrated the seventy-third anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Whether we ever stop to reflect upon it or not, the Second World War remains the one of the most important, influential global events in modern history. From geo-political tensions in Europe still playing themselves out in today’s headlines, to the fact that English … Continued


Why Michael Keaton is Still the Best Batman

Exactly 25 years ago this week, moviegoers flocked to the premiere of one of the best Batman movie ever made, Batman Returns, starring—WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL OPINON ALERT—the best actor to don the Bat-suit, Michael Keaton. Though I’ve never read any comic books I’ve always been a fan of comic book films, particularly Batman movies, and grew … Continued


The Top Five Movies that Will Make Men Cry

When you hear the term “tearjerker,” chances are most people will think of movies aimed at women, such as Beaches or Terms of Endearment. The association between women and crying at the movies has a long history. But what about men? Men typically do not admit that they cry when watching movies, and in most … Continued


Are Kids’ Movies Too Violent?

In a recent interview, beloved actor Dick Van Dyke, who is currently filming a Mary Poppins sequel scheduled for release next year, raised a concern that the graphic violence and scary intensity of today’s video games and movies are having a detrimental influence on generations of young viewers. So many productions today are “all gunfire … Continued


I Wanted to Love “Loving,” But Just Couldn’t

For lovers of movies, there are few things more frustrating than realizing that the hotly-anticipated film (about which critics are raving) that you’ve been eager to see turns out to be profoundly boring and underwhelming. Unfortunately, that’s the experience I had with the new civil rights drama, Loving. [arve url=””] Directed by the talented auteur … Continued


Why Movies Like ‘Moonlight’ Favor Pity Over Storytelling

According to the review aggregator, this year’s best movie is Moonlight, which on its initial day of release sported a near-perfect score of 99 percent on the site, meaning that it is receiving virtually the highest possible marks from critics across the board. Directed by Barry Jenkins, the movie is a sensitive, poetically realized … Continued

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