Having a Baby Doesn’t Entitle You to Take Over the World

The new comedy Bad Moms, starring Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate, satirizes the insane perfectionism of many of our culture’s parents.     But the movie also evidently inspired a group of women in Florida to cast themselves as heroes for . . . taking their newborns to an R-rated movie on a Friday night? … Continued


The Latest Instagram Species? Mothers Who Troll

Everyone knows Instagram is basically a vehicle for humble-bragging about your latest perfect brunch or your successful completion of bikini boot camp. But an Australian model and her husband, who are parents of a toddler, have upped the ante this week by boasting about their child-free weekends. That’s right. Every weekend they drop off their … Continued

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Mother’s Day on the Internet

One of the great joys of parenthood is realizing just how many clichés about parenthood turn out to be true. And on Mother’s Day the Internet is flooded with tributes to moms, some clichéd, some heartfelt, many falling under the headline of “sponsored content.” Because what’s a charming holiday without a bit of viral marketing? … Continued


What if Madonna Was Your Mother?

Is there anything more embarrassing than being Madonna’s 15-year-old son? Last week, the Material Girl made news when her son Rocco Ritchie decided he’d rather stay with his father in London than hang out with his mother for the holidays. Madonna and director Guy Ritchie divorced in 2008 after eight years of marriage. Their younger … Continued

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Have We Finally Seen the End of Mommy Blogging? Here’s Hoping

Is mommy blogging finally over? This is the question posed by Olga Khazan recently in The Atlantic. Her full question was, “Can Mommy Bloggers Still Make a Living?” and to answer it she details the rise and downfall of Dooce, perhaps the most famous (and annoying) mommy blogger ever.  Dooce was a pioneer in what became a virtual industry of moms hawking their opinions, judgments, … Continued

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Why Kris Jenner (or any Mom) Shouldn’t Dress Like Her Daughter

Kris Jenner was recently spotted wearing a black, bondage-inspired Givenchy bodysuit paired with peep-toe, thigh-high boots—a combination that might have been considered standard style for the sultry “momager”—except that the same outfit was worn by daughter, Kim Kardashian West, several months earlier. Jenner added a black blazer to tone it down slightly, but she was … Continued


Let’s End the Stigmatization of Motherhood

Mommy wars. Mommy blogs. Mom’s night out. Mommy brain. Why is there no “daddy” parallel? If a mom is up all night with a teething toddler and can’t remember something with lightning speed the next day, she has “mommy brain.” If it’s dad up all night, it’s just, “I’m a bit forgetful right now, because … Continued

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NBA Star Names the Real MVP: His Mom

The wide world of professional sports is riddled with so many examples of unsportsmanlike braggadocio and trash-talking, that it’s refreshing when an athlete makes headlines by spouting not attitude, but gratitude. Kevin Durant of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder has certainly earned the right to be big-headed. At only 25 he has won an NBA Most … Continued

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