Sports Have No Redeeming Social Value. Thank God.

It’s one of the last sacred spaces left in the Western world, so naturally people can’t leave it alone. To conservatives, it’s the last bastion of red-blooded manhood, a place to strive and bleed in honor of—well, of America. To liberals, it’s a place for social engineering, where it’s necessary to put people who don’t … Continued

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Why is Australia Dissing Chris Brown?

The Australian government has notified rhythm-and-blues singer Chris Brown, still tarnished from the brutal assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, that he is not welcome Down Under, no matter how many $400 tickets he sells. In declaring the intent to deny a visa to Brown, Australia’s minister of women, Michaelia Cash, declared, “If you … Continued


The Problem With People Who Write Letters to the FCC

In a recent piece at The Atlantic, senior editor Adrienne LaFrance shared some of her findings compiled after sifting through complaint letters that concerned American parents (and grandparents) had sent to the Federal Communications Commission. Specifically, LaFrance reviewed more than 100 letters sent to the FCC in regards to the weekly sketch comedy show Saturday … Continued

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The Disappointing Moral Hypocrisy of Lorde

I have never been as disappointed by a celebrity as I now am by Lorde. The teenage powerhouse burst onto the scene last year with her hit single “Royals,” the rebel anthem that took aim at all things Hollywood. She slammed the pervasive vanity, materialism, and opulence that so often defines the world of celebrity, shrugging … Continued


My New Favorite TV Show: “Foyle’s War”

If you are like me, you like television. And if you are like me, you have a “show” that at any given time, you are watching, usually on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. And seeing as you are on this site, you are probably like me, at least with respect to television-liking. Actually, you are … Continued

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The Moral Consequences of ‘Justified’

The best television show you’re not currently watching is FX’s modern homage to the American wild west, Justified. Set in the hills of eastern Kentucky, and starring the coolest lawman since Gary Cooper – Timothy Olyphant as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens – Justified is just the right mix of interesting writing, compelling performances and … Continued

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