The Bill Clinton Effect: Why Liberals Treat Women Worse

News of rampant sexual harassment at a leading progressive public relations firm seems to have surprised some on the Left: How can enlightened liberals, so staunchly committed to women’s equality and progress, allow old-school sexism and abuse of power to persist? How could FitzGibbon Media, which represented, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the AFL-CIO, have … Continued


Why Now is the Time for an Anita Hill Movie

Seen solely through a political lens, the timing of HBO’s upcoming movie about Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings—and particularly Anita Hill’s accusations that he sexually harassed her—seems suspicious. Presumably this film will paint 1991 as a much-needed turning point: Feminist groups and liberals stood up against a backward, Mad-Men-esque 80s culture, raised awareness about … Continued


Monica Lewinsky’s Comeback

Monica Lewinsky is back—and her return to the public sphere has been greeted with both applause and derision throughout the media and general public, as many suggest that she’s using her past scandal as fuel for fame. We may view her return dubiously, especially in light of Hillary Clinton’s likely upcoming campaign for president. And … Continued


The Daily Pop Culture Scene

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