Why Millennials’ Problems are Everyone’s Problem

Driving to work this morning, I heard some radio talk show hosts talk about a new report that shows Millennials are earning about 20 percent less than their Baby Boomer parents. The median net worth of Millennials is 56 percent less than the Baby Boom generation. The hosts all sounded surprised, but being a Millennial … Continued


Is it Really So Hard to Be Middle Class in America?

Neal Gabler’s “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans,” a piece he wrote for this month’s The Atlantic magazine, has certainly touched on a nerve. It’s the most popular story on the site, and it’s making the rounds on social media. This is particularly noteworthy considering the seemingly endless glut of articles these days, with special … Continued


What About a $15 Minimum Wage?

Growing up in Seattle, I was never sure how to interact with homeless people. I’ve always wanted to help them, but never been confident how to. “Do I give them money? Or food? Do I just smile and try to have a normal, human conversation with them?” I asked these questions every time I walked … Continued

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The Dream—Or Is It a Nightmare?—of No Work

Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about money?  No need to get up and go to a job, instead you could just enjoy yourself and really live? This fantasy has plenty of appeal, and, no doubt, just about everyone entertains this line of thinking from time to time when the alarm goes … Continued


Feminists Try to Rebrand Rainy Day Funds as F**k Off Funds

Are you a woman? If so, do you have a F*** Off Fund set up yet? If not, you need to get on that, stat. That’s the latest message to today’s modern woman, brought to you by Paulette Perhach over at The Billfold. Her piece, “A Story of a F*** Off Fund,” tells a tale … Continued


Why Big Powerball Jackpots are Bad For Us

This week, someone, somewhere is set to become very rich, very quickly. Wednesday’s billion-dollar Powerball payout will be the largest lottery winning in history. But its startling enormity is overshadowed by the startling enormity of the mindless greed and reckless foolishness that has made this Powerball possible. Indeed, in an irony of equally enormous proportions, … Continued


Why We Should Abolish Tipping

Finally, the tide may be turning against tipping. “Prompted by a spurt of new minimum wage proposals in major cities, an expanding number of restaurateurs are experimenting with no-tipping policies as a way to manage rising labor costs,” the New York Times reported last week. The Times cited the example of a seafood restaurant, Ivar, in … Continued


Is Frugality the New Living Large?

The news that rap mogul 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy not long ago surely raised a few eyebrows. After all, he seemed the very epitome of living large—but then, living large is something of a fickle illusion. Recent history is littered with examples of entertainers who rocketed to fame and fortune, only to come crashing … Continued

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Daddy Dearest?

New York real estate mogul Maurice Laboz, who died earlier this year, leaving behind a reported $37 million fortune, has been posthumously dubbed “Daddy Dearest” by the tabloids. “People try to control from the grave,” says divorce lawyer Raoul Felder, who will likely represent Laboz’s daughters in trying to undo their father’s will, “but I’ve … Continued