Melissa Harris-Perry and Comedy After the Cultural Revolution

I call it first-wave humor. It’s a joke that’s meant to play off a stereotype or taboo subject. Melissa Harris-Perry just did it, making a joke about Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. The grandson stands out in the snowy whiteness that is the Romney clan, and Melissa Harris-Perry – I’m just going to call her … Continued


The Sexual Double Standard in the Media & Politics

Women often complain about the sexual double standard: If they sleep around, they get called nasty names, whereas if men sleep around, they’re considered alpha males. There’s another sexual double standard that bothers me more, however. It has to do with the free expression of thought in a culture that values the politically correct over … Continued

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The Swiss Finally Take a Stand. Against Class Warfare.

With all due respect to 90’s one-hit wonder band Aqua, I think “The Romney Girl” may have them beat: I’m a Romney girl, in a Romney world. He’s so plastic, it’s fantastic. Silver tip your hair, tax shelters everywhere. Outsource nation, Bain is his creation Bob Dylan in his hey-day would be jealous of such … Continued


Mitt Romney’s Sex Appeal and the “Wimp” Cover

Does Mitt Romney have sex appeal? Does he need it to win? That this campaign has been dubbed the dullest campaign ever cuts like a knife into Romney’s most serious defect: he seems so totally boring and uncharismatic. This has led at least one person to ask if Mitt Romney can make boring sexy. If … Continued


The Dark Knight Rises to the Virtues

The great Christian writer G.K. Chesterton once made this observation: “The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad. The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone. Thus some scientists care for truth; and their truth is pitiless. Thus some humanitarians only care … Continued

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Jack Kerouac Would Vote for Mitt Romney

According to most of the world, Barack Obama is cool. But is it true? Not if you care about the history of cool and what it means today. By those measures, Mitt Romney is in fact cooler than Barack Obama. In fact, President Obama may have come to represent a phoniness that is the essence … Continued

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