Miss America Goes Political, Like the Rest of the Culture

In most ways, the Miss America pageant seems like an anachronism—a leftover from a bygone era where women were showcased on a stage in a variety of costumes and explicitly judged on their beauty. Sure, they’ve worked to emphasize the talent portion of the contest, the contestants’ community service, the Miss America Organization’s role as … Continued


Miss America Pageant Didn’t Owe Vanessa Williams an Apology

Thirty-two years ago Vanessa Williams won the Miss America crown, and was the first woman of color to do so. As the first black Miss America, Williams faced an intense amount of publicity; the adult magazine Penthouse cashed in, publishing nude photos Williams had taken before she entered the pageant. Following the scandal, Williams resigned … Continued


Should Miss America Be Scrapped?

The contestants onstage may be all dazzling smiles and glowing confidence, but the Miss America Pageant itself is facing sad, uncertain times. Once among America’s most-watched television shows, in recent years it has been strutting bravely down a catwalk to obsolescence. The 2015 competition last weekend lost the TV ratings race to Sunday Night Football … Continued

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