Why I’m Quitting Fantasy Football

The summer of 1999 was a momentous one for the internet. Downloading songs on Napster (and subsequently burning killer CD mixes) was now “a thing.” One couldn’t escape those stupid Pets.com commercials. Hotmail was the email king of the world. And I signed up for my very first Fantasy Football team (via Yahoo! Sports) with … Continued


Women Aren’t Nags. They Just Engage in More ‘Emotional Labor’ Than Men?

In “Women Aren’t Nags—We’re Just Fed Up,” a recent article for Harper’s Bazaar, Gemma Hartley explains wanting just “one thing for Mother’s Day: a house cleaning service.” However, her husband didn’t seem up to the task. After contacting a single cleaning service and deeming it too expensive, he decides to clean the house himself. Disappointed, … Continued


Hugh Hefner and the ‘Playboy’ Philosophy

Many of the eulogies for Playboy founder Hugh Hefner seem small and inadequate, like a play-by-play sportscaster remembering a great athlete. Most commentators are focusing on Hefner’s later life, after Playboy was established and he became something of a pajama-clad joke. “The only lesson of Hef is contained in the arc from his ‘jazz and … Continued


The Weight of Men

There is no comparison when it comes to pressures about weight and body image issues—women have it tougher than men. It’s not fair and it’s not right. But while much has (rightly) been said and written about the heightened pressures that women face, we tend to forget that men have issues of their own. I … Continued


Do We Need Men Anymore?

Considering how much time Grayson Perry has spent pondering masculinity, it’s disappointing how little he seems to value or understand it. An award-winning artist, author, television presenter, and BBC Reith lecturer, the London-based Perry is also a transvestite and, as he rather simply puts it, “a man.” Not long ago he pursued a thoughtful if … Continued


Why Women (and Men) Prefer to Have a Male Boss

Finally, an article in the Atlantic comes out and says it: Women generally can’t stand working for other women. For the past few years, at least as the mainstream media would have it, it was supposed to be a “myth” that women bosses made life more difficult for their subordinates than male bosses, or that … Continued


Are Men Better than Women at Chess? Probably.

Women’s chess. It came as a surprise to me to learn that there actually is such a thing—just as there is women’s tennis, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, and women’s track and field. The reason? If there were no such thing as women’s chess, there would be next to no women playing championship chess. There would … Continued


Pop Culture’s Peter Pan Problem

In 1983, The Peter Pan Syndrome, a pop psychology book that examined the phenomenon of men who seem locked into perpetual adolescence, struck a chord in the culture and became a bestseller. Nearly thirty-five years later, the phenomenon doesn’t seem to be any less prevalent. Now, a recent op-ed for The New York Times suggests … Continued