The Top Five Movies that Will Make Men Cry

When you hear the term “tearjerker,” chances are most people will think of movies aimed at women, such as Beaches or Terms of Endearment. The association between women and crying at the movies has a long history. But what about men? Men typically do not admit that they cry when watching movies, and in most … Continued


Guess What? Men Can’t ‘Have it All’ Either

Sorry, guys. We can’t have it all any more than women can. That’s according to a well-researched article in the new edition of 1843 magazine. Emily Bobrow reports that between 1977 and 2008, “the percentage of American fathers in dual-earner couples who suffered from work-family conflicts jumped from 35% to 60%.” During the same period, … Continued


Sympathy for the Medieval Dorks of ‘Forged in Fire’

I would like to get the people who talk about the “filmic text” of Mad Men or the “ludic aspect” of Game of Thrones to watch more demotic TV—you know, the pleasantly mindless stuff. One could write a whole dissertation on the priapic anxiety of Don Draper and Tony Soprano and still say less about … Continued


Why All-Men’s Colleges Are Still Under Siege

There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States. There are only four that are all male. But that is at least one too many, apparently. A California Appeals Court ruled last week that Deep Springs College, a school with only twenty-six students, may start admitting women. Founded a century ago by industrialist … Continued


Feminists Find ‘The Red Pill’ Hard to Swallow

Intellectual humility—the acknowledgement that the truth is more important than your version of it—requires you to be open-minded enough not only to listen to an opposing viewpoint but to be willing to change yours when you are wrong. It is a quality in short supply and sadly undervalued in our age of arrogance. Filmmaker and … Continued

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Here’s to All the Men Who Help Women Reach the Finish Line

For all the downsides of social media, an upside is its ability to draw attention to otherwise overlooked stories of personal triumph and human kindness. You may very well have already seen this video of three runners participating in the “Love Run” half marathon in Philadelphia who stopped to help an exhausted woman cross the … Continued


Why ‘Manchester by the Sea’ Gets Male Grief Wrong

The new film Manchester by the Sea is this year’s critical darling. Written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan (You Can Count on Me, Margaret) the film is, according to critics , “an achingly graceful, heartfelt, working-class story about loss, grief, and family obligations” as well as “a deeply affecting chamber piece that features an outstanding … Continued

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Failure to Launch: Young Men and Video Games

You don’t have to slip on a virtual reality headset to know that video and computer games have taken huge leaps forward in both sophistication and immersive experience. Whether you want to kill the aliens that have overrun your space station, jump into a particularly challenging WWII battle, make the game-winning goal on the soccer … Continued


A Brief History of Bro Culture

What is a “bro,” exactly? The word is everywhere. It seems as though people have started tacking “bro” onto other words almost at random. You have frat bros, lax bros, and sailor bros, obviously. There’s also chill bros, fencing bros, beach bros, surfer bros, poker bros, yoga bros, tweed bros, Brooklyn bros, biker bros, hiker … Continued


CoverBoy: James Charles Dickinson is Not a Girl

James Charles Dickinson is not a girl. The seventeen-year-old high school student and makeup expert from Bethlehem, N.Y., has just been named a model for cosmetics giant CoverGirl. Dickinson (who also goes by James Charles) has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram and more than 80,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. After premiering in CoverGirl’s “So … Continued