First Lady Melania Trump Isn’t Miserable. She’s an Introvert

Poor Melania Trump—America’s new First Lady is miserable. At least that’s according to, well . . . just about everybody. For the past month, rumors keep popping up that Melania is down in the dumps, and it seems everyone has their own evidence to support this same sad conclusion. There was the Inauguration video clip … Continued


Progressive Sexism

Those who had warned about an uptick in sexism under President Trump may have been on to something. As the era of Trump dawns, some women already are being singled out for criticism and scorn that is tinged with sexist assumptions and seems intended to force them back into roles that society decrees are a … Continued


Return of the Retro First Lady?

“You can tell a lot about a person by whom they choose to marry,” noted a recent New York Times piece titled “Why Men Want to Marry Melanias and Raise Ivankas.” The essay explores the “perversely traditional” values of the Trump family, describing the qualities of the several women Donald Trump has called wife “remarkably … Continued


Melania Trump’s Insulting Advice to America’s Wives

What is “nagging?” It depends whom you ask. If you ask a husband (my own declined to comment for this piece; “It’s a trap!” he said) they might answer: “It’s when my wife badgers me over, and over, and over to do something.” A wife might define the term in this manner: “It’s what I … Continued