Homemade Wishes and DIY Dreams

Its 10:30 AM on a Tuesday, and though I have a screener for an upcoming family film staring accusingly at me from atop my mail pile and an article long overdue for a certain leading pop-culture publication, I’m pouring over the latest blog post from Censational Girl.  Today’s project is a personalized cutting board, and … Continued


Why Silver Linings Playbook Could Still Win Best Picture

Since it swept up the most coveted prizes at the Critics’ Choice Awards, the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guilds Awards, and the Producers Guild Awards, conventional wisdom has pretty well settled on Argo being the only film able to give Lincoln a run for its money in Oscar’s Best Picture race. Much as I’d … Continued

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What Really Happens When Women Earn More

“Men Still Don’t Like It When Their Wives Out-Earn Them,” “When Women Dare to Out-Earn Men,” “Successful Wives Still Make Men Uncomfortable,” “Our Gender Roles Still Stuck in the 50s.” These headlines, blaring from Slate, The Economist, The Huffington Post, and The Miami Herald, respectively, all refer to a recent study that analyzes marriage trends … Continued


Why 2012 Was the Year of The Hunger Games

Though it came in third on the year’s earnings chart (behind The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises), for sheer cultural force the biggest film story of 2012 had to be The Hunger Games. Just a few of the records it racked up after its March 22 release: —Third highest opening weekend ever. —Highest debut … Continued