‘The New York Times’ Ramped Up Its War On Men This Week

The war on men has been ongoing for a couple decades now but they haven’t done it alone; they’ve had a compatible sidekick, namely the mainstream media. The New York Times played its part well this week, perpetuating a war on the patriarchy with not one but two zingers that attack both young boys and … Continued


What Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill can Teach us About ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Men have started taking classes to unlearn “toxic masculinity.” But nothing about true masculinity is “toxic”—in fact, it’s something that should be promoted, not stifled. According to its liberal critics, toxic masculinity can consist of wearing long beards, choosing a male doctor, or having large muscles. They say that society pressures men into certain behaviors, … Continued


Houston Rescuers Prove the Lie of ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Men. We are just the worst, with our toxic masculinity and patriarchal privilege. We are the source of literally all the world’s problems, from war, income inequality, and “rape culture” to the misogynistic microaggressions of “mansplaining” and “manspreading.” If we are ever to create a nonviolent, truly gender-equal world, we must rip away the false, … Continued


Do We Need Men Anymore?

Considering how much time Grayson Perry has spent pondering masculinity, it’s disappointing how little he seems to value or understand it. An award-winning artist, author, television presenter, and BBC Reith lecturer, the London-based Perry is also a transvestite and, as he rather simply puts it, “a man.” Not long ago he pursued a thoughtful if … Continued


Do We Really Want Men to Be More Vulnerable?

In a piece last week for Vanity Fair with a title that perfectly captures the magazine’s signature tone of grandiosity and giddy celebrity-worship—“Jay-Z, Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, and the New Frontiers of Male Vulnerability”—Monica Lewinsky praises the trio of celebs as refreshing examples of men liberating themselves from the straitjacket of traditional masculinity and embracing … Continued


Guess What? Men Can’t ‘Have it All’ Either

Sorry, guys. We can’t have it all any more than women can. That’s according to a well-researched article in the new edition of 1843 magazine. Emily Bobrow reports that between 1977 and 2008, “the percentage of American fathers in dual-earner couples who suffered from work-family conflicts jumped from 35% to 60%.” During the same period, … Continued


Sympathy for the Medieval Dorks of ‘Forged in Fire’

I would like to get the people who talk about the “filmic text” of Mad Men or the “ludic aspect” of Game of Thrones to watch more demotic TV—you know, the pleasantly mindless stuff. One could write a whole dissertation on the priapic anxiety of Don Draper and Tony Soprano and still say less about … Continued


Do Men Need Safe Spaces?

Imagine the howls of social justice outrage if a major university’s Men’s Studies Department (if that were even a thing) created a program for women to re-examine and deconstruct their toxic femininity, or if a White Studies Department (bear with me here) launched a program for blacks to rethink and dismantle their toxic blackness, or … Continued


Stop Guilt-Tripping Boys About Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Last week a proud feminist single mom posted a piece in The Washington Post in which she shamed her sixteen- and eighteen-year-old sons for not taking a more proactive stand to combat rape and misogyny. For anyone who needs a guide on How Not to Turn Your Children Into the Social Justice Warriors You Desperately … Continued