Marrying Yourself is Now a Thing

Suppose you are scripting a “millennial” character for a satirical novel or screenplay. You’d probably give them a name like Harper Stone Evans-Jubilee, and try to come up with a job description that would embody the navel-gazing decadence of her generation. Maybe you’d come up with something like “self-wedding planner,” before quickly scrapping the idea. … Continued


Marriage Isn’t ‘Love Actually’. It’s ‘Braveheart’

Marriage is beautiful. And hard. My wife and I just celebrated our fifteen-year anniversary. We splurged and bought a king-size bed, a purchase I highly recommend. Some friends joked early on in our marriage that if we could make it to year seven, the odds were in our favor for staying together. It seemed a … Continued


Kim and Kanye Really Are Together, in Sickness and in Health

When you imagine classic, timeless love stories, the first couple that comes to mind probably isn’t Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Given the number of internet rumors floating around about their relationship being a business arrangement or merely a set-up for reality television, they aren’t most people’s vision of an ideal couple. For those who … Continued


Don’t Be a Pessimist About Love and Marriage

Is Romanticism the bane of happy marriages? Without a doubt. At least, that’s the argument philosopher Alain de Botton made last week in the New York Times. The piece struck a nerve with everyone I asked about it; the fact that it remained the most-read story for days after it was published makes me confident … Continued


How Two New Movies Explain the Meaning of Marriage

Imagine a world where marriage is mandated even in the absence of love—or just save yourself the trouble and go see the new film, The Lobster. Directed by the Greek satirist Yorgos Lanthimos (Oscar-nominated in 2011 for his provocative Dogtooth) and starring a paunchy, mustachioed Colin Farrell, The Lobster posits just such a dystopian future, … Continued

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Melania Trump’s Insulting Advice to America’s Wives

What is “nagging?” It depends whom you ask. If you ask a husband (my own declined to comment for this piece; “It’s a trap!” he said) they might answer: “It’s when my wife badgers me over, and over, and over to do something.” A wife might define the term in this manner: “It’s what I … Continued


Ladies, You Need to Stop Husband-Shaming

Over the years, in posts on Facebook groups for mothers, I’ve seen my share of women talking smack about their husbands. Writing to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other women, many of whom they don’t know, wives will unburden themselves about the latest insensitive things their husbands have done. The complaints run the gamut from real … Continued