The Only Way to Rebuild the Marriage Culture

If you spend any significant amount of time reading about the long-term decline of marriage among Americans with less education and lower incomes, you’ll notice a pattern: Liberals tend to blame the decline on labor-market forces, while conservatives tend to blame it on cultural and political factors. The standard liberal view is that structural economic … Continued


What We Could All Learn from P!nk About Marriage

No one ever said marriage was easy. And now P!nk can confirm that. The pop singer, whose song “What About Us” has been blasting from the radio since it was released in August, recently “opened up” about life with her husband, Carey Hart, in an interview with The Guardian: There are moments where I look … Continued


Now that She’s Pregnant, Should Khloé Kardashian Get Married?

In case you were expecting a shotgun Kardashian wedding, it’s not going to happen. “Khloé hasn’t typically cared about getting married before having a baby,” a source told Us Weekly. “She’s open to it but it’s not a prerequisite, to be married, before having kids.” Of course, in this way the Kardashians are more representative … Continued


What ‘Fixer Upper’ Taught Us About Marriage

In their years on HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper, hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines achieved far more than merely getting Americans to embrace open floor plans and shiplap; they made marriage look fun again. The Texas couple’s decision to end the show after soon-to-be-aired Season Five ensures it won’t devolve into them simply playing certain roles, … Continued


Is Marriage ‘Evolving?’

It is not impossible to find married people who occasionally daydream about the early stages of dating. Remember the first time you met someone, the first time you went out to dinner, the early conversations when you didn’t know everything about the other person, when you spent time deciding what to wear and carefully considered … Continued


Should You Prepare for Divorce Before You’re Even Married?

Have you ever heard of a bride asking for a refund on her wedding if she gets divorced? No? Neither did the wedding photographer who received such a request, nor did I and the thousands of other photographers she shared it with in a Facebook group: This is obviously a ludicrous request because even if … Continued


To Understand Why Brad Pitt’s Marriage Failed, Consider its Origins

What do you do with a movie star, a stellar budget, and a cataclysmic divorce? Conduct a tell-all interview with said star in topographically diverse environments with him clad in very expensive couture, of course! GQ has published a veritable celebrity Gesamtkunstwerk out of the breakdown of Brad Pitt’s glamorous marriage by whisking him from … Continued


Don’t Move in Together for Convenience – or Real Estate.

If you want to understand the pitfalls of living together before marriage, you don’t need to look at National Review or Christianity Today. You can consult the New York Times. Well, sort of. Last Sunday, the Real Estate section of the paper featured a story called, “What I Wish I’d Known Before Moving In Together.” … Continued