What Mark Wahlberg Could Teach Hillary Clinton About Faith

You don’t have to look very hard to find strong anti-religious sentiments in 2016 America. Look no farther than, for example, the latest WikiLeaks email dump to get a good flavor for what modern-day anti-Catholic bigotry looks like. In one of the leaked email exchanges, Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta, and Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer … Continued


‘Deepwater Horizon’ and Everyday Heroes

The climactic images of an American flag rippling against darkness and fire in the brilliant new film Deepwater Horizon recall many a war film, or indeed the writing of The Star Spangled Banner itself, near Fort McHenry as the War of 1812 raged. But this is not a war film. Or is it? The civilians … Continued

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Mark Wahlberg’s Request for Pardon is Totally Ill-Advised

“You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.” – Anonymous (“Universal Paradox”) My Acculturated colleague, Mark Tapson, recently argued that actor Mark Wahlberg should be granted a felony pardon by the Governor of Massachusetts. Tapson contends, “A pardon would not erase what Wahlberg did; it would only … Continued


Why Mark Wahlberg Should be Pardoned

In April 1988, a 16-year-old Mark Wahlberg was convicted in adult court of felony assault against two men during an attempted theft, while under the influence of pot and alcohol. One of the victims, a Vietnamese man, was legendarily left blind in one eye. Wahlberg received a two-year sentence, with three months to be served … Continued


Mark Wahlberg, A Model Dad

Last March, Mark Wahlberg was voted the first recipient of Acculturated’s “Celebrities Behaving Well Award,” stemming from my earlier article about his decision, at the age of 41, to return to school for his high school diploma. I’ve written also praising Wahlberg for his very vocal appreciation for our military. Now, at the risk of … Continued


Mark Wahlberg: Our Most Well-Behaved Celebrity

Congratulations to Mark Wahlberg, who has won the very first Acculturated “Celebrities Behaving Well Award.” We asked our readers to vote on who they thought was the most praiseworthy celebrity of the past year. It was a close race between Jennifer Lawrence, Lorde, Ashton Kutcher, the Beckhams, and Wahlberg, celebrities whose elevating stories we’ve covered … Continued


Celebrities Behaving Well Award

We at Acculturated are very excited to announce our inaugural Celebrities Behaving Well Award. Every day, the tabloids are packed with stories of pop-culture icons behaving terribly, from Robin Thicke and his “rape-ish” song to Justin Bieber urinating in public to Lindsay Lohan being Lindsay Lohan. We—the public, the media, the critics—are often so focused on the more … Continued


Cruise, Wahlberg, and Afghanistan

Seriously committed artists – actors, writers, etc. – work hard at their craft. But not combat hard. In the last few days, statements from two of Hollywood’s hardest-working actors highlighted just how important it is to acknowledge that distinction. With unfortunate timing, rumor hit the internet just before Veterans Day that megastar Tom Cruise, in … Continued

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Wahlberg & Sheen Finally Get HS Diplomas – But Which One Earned It?

You often hear success stories in which high school dropouts like Walt Disney, Richard Branson, and Elton John go on to win fame and fortune, but you don’t often hear about those rich dropouts then going back and collecting that diploma. In an interesting coincidence this week, celebrity news sources reported that two forty-something stars … Continued