Let Your Husband Help You

Recently, blogger and stay-at-home-mom-of-two Kristen was stunned when her post called “Let Your Husband Love You” went viral. Written as a reminder to herself to “suck up your pride, your anger, your frustration, and your crazy” at the end of a hectic day of homemaking and child-wrangling instead of taking it all out on her … Continued


Is This Really Going to “Ruin” Hollywood?

 Finding the big summer movie plots oddly interchangeable and familiar this year? Slate’s Peter Suderman is, and in a recent article, he believes he has hit on the reason why: Hollywood’s over-reliance on a by-the-numbers screenwriting formula that has him wondering, “Is it killing movies”? Suderman traces this formula to one book in particular out … Continued

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Post of the Week

Mark Tapson’s excellent piece on cooking merits our Post of the Week award. Check out his thoughts on what he calls “the joylessness of cooking.”

Post of the Week

Why Have Kids? They Make Life Meaningful

by Mark Tapson No sooner had I cleaned my seven-week-old daughter’s poop off my lap the other day (don’t ask) than my two-year-old tried and failed to empty a jug of milk into a teacup she had perched atop a stack of art books (you have to understand what a book fetish I have to … Continued

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Post of the Week

  Check out Mark Tapson’s post about how technology draws his child away from herself, while the moon and stars in the children’s classic book Goodnight Moon bring her home.

Post of the Week

Goodnight Stars

by Mark Tapson The other night my two-year-old daughter insisted that I read the classic children’s bedtime story Goodnight Moon to her before bed–five times in a row. Considering how many times I’ve been tempted to read my rowdy child the modern bedtime parody for adults called Go the F__ to Sleep, I was happy … Continued

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Is Hollywood’s Bias Conservative?

Elias Isquith in The Atlantic no doubt raised a few eyebrows with his recent article with the counterintuitive title, “Hollywood’s Real Bias Is Conservative (but Not in the Way Liberals Often Say).” He looked at the impressive slate of political (and in some cases, highly politicized) films from 2012 including The Dark Knight Rises, Les … Continued

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The Rise and Fall of TV’s New Golden Age

Editor’s note: This is the third post in a four-part series. by Mark Tapson In the first article in this short series about the future of film, I summarized New Yorker critic David Denby’s concerns about the topic in his new book, Do the Movies Have a Future? In the next installment, I discussed the … Continued

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2012: The Collision of Politics and Pop Culture

by Mark Tapson 2012 was arguably the year that pop culture—of which Hollywood is the gravitational center—and politics intersected and fueled each other more than ever before. The stories that defined America in 2012 were the ones that revealed just to what degree society’s movers and shakers now recognize how crucial Hollywood’s messages and pop … Continued

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The Hero Behind the Dark Knight’s Mask

In a time when celebrities are most often associated with sex tapes, court appearances, and rehab, it’s refreshing to report on the good deeds and quiet humility of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Following the recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, internet campaigns urged the movie’s … Continued

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