Lindsay Lohan Attempts to Channel Margaret Thatcher, Fails

Giving a washed-up celebrity a Twitter account is like giving a baby a stick of dynamite. Or at least, judging by former teen star Lindsay Lohan’s performance last night, it is. Lohan decided (for reasons unknown) to live-tweet the vote count of the UK’s historic referendum on whether or not to leave the European Union, … Continued


Elocution Lessons: Yet Another Tool of the Patriarchy?

“Like, omigod! People are so, like, rude and sexist.” Is it sexism that makes me want to stick a knitting needle down my ear canal every time I find myself at school pickup standing within earshot of the Lululemon-wearing mom who speaks with the rising intonation and vocal fry of a teenager? Perhaps my urge … Continued


What Iron Ladies Wear

Margaret Thatcher may be the Iron Lady we all know and love—or, at least, that us conservatives know and love—but she’s not the only strong and tough woman who played that role, nor who dressed the part for it. To jog your memory, dressing the part for Thatcher meant… Along with a trunk-size prosthetic neck, Ms. … Continued


The Daily Pop Culture Scene

by Emily Esfahani Smith Where pop culture meets the virtues . . . One ‘Magic Room’ That Links Generations of Brides—WSJ How I Learned About Courage From an Arab Marxist—Barry Rubin at PJ Media (via Power Line) Even the Eastwood Family Can’t Escape Reality TV—FilmDrunk Film Review: A Separation and the Iranian Devolution—NY Mag Are … Continued


Judging Our Politicians by What They Wear

Over the last few days, several articles have called attention to the fashion choices of our leading men and women. Over at The Daily Beast, there was a piece titled, “The Language of Margaret Thatcher’s Handbags.” Another piece from the Wall Street Journal took a look at Michelle Obama’s wide-cinching belts, which binds her dress to her mid-waist. … Continued

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Today’s Pop Culture Scene

Pop culture meets the virtues in these interesting stories from around the web . . . Handbags as Power (or What Margaret Thatcher Wore)—The Daily Beast A purse can impress and intimidate, bewilder, berate, or amuse. During Thatcher’s tenure as prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990, her handbags came to signify … Continued