Good Riddance to ‘Teen Vogue’

Just a little more than year ago, Teen Vogue, little sister to the grown-up fashion magazine Vogue, got woke—to wild cheering from the rest of the media. Under a brand-new editor, Elaine Welteroth, then aged twenty-nine, Teen Vogue started to add to its mix of celebrity gossip and style and makeup tips for adolescent girls … Continued


Want to Empower Teen Girls? Stop Feeding Them Partisan Nonsense

The latest issue of Teen Vogue is full of content typically found in women’s magazines—beauty tips, the latest fashion trends, celebrity interviews. But the Teen Vogue website includes some additional content that seems out of place among the advice on lipstick: a “scorched-earth op-ed” with the headline, “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America.” In the piece, … Continued


The ‘Rolling Stone’ Verdict and the End of Honorable Journalism

Last week the jury in the federal court case against Rolling Stone found that the magazine had defamed a former University of Virginia associate dean in its 2014 article about sexual assault on campus. The article, “A Rape on Campus,” was written by Sabrina Erdely and included a false account of a fraternity gang rape. … Continued


Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Being Body-Shamed

Jennifer Aniston, you’re wrong. People aren’t “body-shaming” you. They also aren’t, in the form of their well-paid representatives, the paparazzi, trying to ruin your life. Your problem, such as it is, is this: People adore you and want you to be happy. Aniston has been a celebrity for more than twenty years, and she seems … Continued


Who’s Afraid of ‘Cosmo’ Girl?

The story of Cosmopolitan magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown is a classic of American self-creation. With too-wide hips, falsies to bolster a flat chest, and pancake makeup to disguise acne-scarred skin, Helen Gurley transformed herself from a self-described Arkansas “mouseburger” into the glamorous and powerful editor of Cosmopolitan, a publication that, together with Hugh Hefner’s … Continued


Why Rupert Murdoch is Good for ‘National Geographic’

In September of this year, media mogul Rupert Murdoch bought a controlling interest in the National Geographic Society, the iconic organization for the study of nature, biology, and scientific exploration. Murdoch is a known conservative, and liberals went nuts at news of the sale, calling for a boycott and venting in the comments section of … Continued


Hugh Hefner Finally Embraces His Conservatism

Playboy magazine has announced that, starting next March, it will no longer publish pictures of nude women. Maybe now Hugh Hefner can return to being the conservative he’s always been. Hefner’s general life story is well known, but not its more interesting details. He grew up in Chicago, was interested in magazines and especially cartooning … Continued

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The Decline and Fall of ‘Gentlemen’s Quarterly’

GQ, the premier style magazine for the modern male metrosexual, just hit rock bottom. The final straw in the magazine’s decade-long decline in quality came last week when a frequent contributor named Drew Magary wrote an absolutely shameful, hateful rant titled, “Fuck Ben Carson.” Yes, that’s the headline—in a major mainstream magazine—and the article itself is just as … Continued


Can You Feel the (Tiger) Beat?

If you or your sisters had any posters of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the New Kids on the Block, or (going back farther) the Jackson 5 on your walls growing up, chances are they came from the pages of Tiger Beat. It was the magazine every preteen had to have. In its pages, we learned the … Continued


Kim K Cover Shows ‘Rolling Stone’ Doesn’t Care About Rock ‘n Roll

Sinead O’Connor spoke out against Rolling Stone’s July cover model, Kim Kardashian, on her official Facebook account yesterday: The post drew tens of thousands of likes, comments, and shares, and no shortage of insults. O’Connor was quickly labeled a “one-hit wonder,” “has-been,” and “irrelevant” by commenters, many of whom were more upset about her use … Continued

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