When the Duchess of Cambridge Talks About Motherhood, Should We Listen?

When the world’s most-watched mother of preschoolers talks about motherhood, we stop and listen to what she has to say. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge, mother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, has been speaking out about the challenges of being a mother of young children. Her sincerity and willingness to talk about her own … Continued


“This is Us” and the Dangers of Social Isolation

The first season of This is Us returns today, and like millions of other Americans, I will be tuning in. The Washington Post calls the show “the surprise breakout hit” of the fall season. “The pilot scored 10 million same-day viewers; with DVR viewing factored in, that jumped to 14.6 million. Adweek reports that the … Continued

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If We’re All So Connected, Why are Our Kids so Lonely?

Heading out on an overnight school trip, my daughter spent 90 minutes each way on the bus with her classmates. Before the trip, the school laid out the electronic use policy—students would be allowed to use iPhones and iPads on the drive to and from their retreat but not during their stay. A few parents … Continued


Could a Tennis Ball Have Stopped Elliot Rodger?

Hitting a tennis ball against a wall. That’s the way we used to deal with it. If you were frustrated about a girl, or angry about something, or even just bored on a summer day, my father would walk up and present you with two objects: a tennis ball and a tennis racket. He didn’t even … Continued