Who Will Win the Best Picture Oscar–and Who Should?

by Mark Tapson As the 2013 Oscar telecast approaches this coming Sunday, keep this in mind when trying your hand at predictions: Hollywood is like high school with money, as someone once famously remarked, and the Oscars are like a glitzier high school popularity contest. The film which takes Best Picture isn’t necessarily the most … Continued

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Hollywood and the Triumph of Silence

One of my favorite action sequences of any film is the Joker “truck flip” scene in The Dark Knight. And the scene’s effectiveness has a lot to do with a crucial fact: there is no music in it. Twenty years ago, or even ten, a similar scene would have come with a soundtrack–either pounding heavy … Continued

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Spielberg’s Lincoln: Sometimes It’s What You Don’t Say

In order to prepare for my role as a paid movie-going customer to the film Lincoln at The Landmark Theater in Los Angeles, CA, I chose to live inside the building for a month beforehand.  Surviving on nothing but Sour Patch Kids and those half-popped popcorn kernels no one eats at the bottom of their … Continued