To Disappointed Hollywood Liberals, Everything is Trump’s Fault

If you think enough time has passed since the election for people to have gained some perspective on the next four years, you’d be wrong. Not only did Vox invoke Donald Trump in its review of Broadway’s A Bronx Tale; Trump essentially dominates the narrative. Here’s a sample: As we enter a Trumpian America, the … Continued


Hey, ‘Hamilton’ Stars: Stop Your Ridiculous Liberal Grandstanding

To understand how conservatives feel about the disgraceful decision of a Broadway actor to single out Vice-President-elect Mike Pence from the stage following a performance of Hamilton and lecture him, picture a young black man walking into a jewelry store to buy a present for his mother. He’s never been in the store before, but … Continued


When Hollywood Goes Liberal, It Goes Bankrupt

Not surprisingly, Hollywood has gone all in for Hillary Clinton during this election season. The Democratic Party’s nominee has stood by smiling as celebrities such as Jay Z and Beyoncé offered expletive-laced performances and raised money for her campaign. Yes, celebrities worshiped Barack Obama. They still do. But the combination of Hollywood’s Clinton campaign support … Continued


It’s Fine to Be a Hater in Hollywood—as Long as You’re a Liberal

Miss Manners would like a word with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The rhetoric coming from the Left Coast has been downright ugly of late, and it’s getting uglier as the presidential campaign slogs on. And yet there’s precious little outrage from either the press or cultural critics about the hatefulness coming out … Continued


Elite Liberals, Saving the World One Carbon Offset at a Time

The New York Times certainly knows its audience. There is no other demographic in America that could possibly find relevance in a piece titled “10 Ways to Be a Greener Traveler, Even if You Love to Fly” apart from frequent Times readers—moneyed, left-wing, urban elites who crank up “All Things Considered” on the way to … Continued

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Why ‘The Golden Girls’ is Still the Most Progressive Show on Television

One of the most self-consciously “progressive” shows on television features female roommates who pursue serial, emotionally fraught sexual relationships and whose stories generally serve to validate a liberal cultural outlook. I’m of course referring to The Golden Girls, which makes up the first half of the best late night lineup on television: The Hallmark Channel’s … Continued

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Sense8’s Sensibility

Before we get started, I’d just like to take a moment to introduce myself and lay out how things will work here over the next few weeks. I’m the executive editor of, and film critic for, the Washington Free Beacon. Over the next five weeks or so, I’m going to be recapping a couple of … Continued

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“True Blood” and Misogyny

When it comes to explicit sex and violence on television these days, Game of Thrones probably leaps first to mind, but it would be difficult to find a show that pushes those boundaries further than True Blood, HBO’s sex-and-gore-soaked soap opera about small-town Southern vampires. It would also be hard to find a show that … Continued

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Conservatives and the Pop Culture Divide

There is a lively discussion going on among some serious conservatives who love pop culture. There isn’t so much a disagreement among the discussants as there is a difference of emphasis. Adam Bellow, who has been publishing non-fiction conservative books for a couple of decades now, has launched a new venture called Liberty Island Magazine, … Continued


Don’t Waste Your Life on the Culture War

Ronald Reagan was an actor. William F. Buckley loved to sail. Margaret Thatcher adored Bach. And George W. Bush, it turns out, is a good painter. The point: Don’t waste your entire life on the culture war. It’s important, during your time on Earth, to fight for freedom, goodness, and truth. It’s vital to oppose … Continued