Can the Left and the Right Ever Be Civil Again?

I learned long ago the folly of engaging in political debates on Facebook. Hurt feelings are the best case scenario. But I couldn’t avoid this debate. A long-time liberal friend sent me a private Facebook message in response to a critical column I wrote about the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel recently dropped his … Continued


In Defense of HGTV

A recent article in New York magazine by Caitlin Flanagan—”The Ugliness Behind HGTV’s Never-Ending Fantasy Loop“—argues that HGTV is ruining the country by foisting a whitewashed, unrealistic, chauvinistic, tacky version of American life on an unwitting public that is unwittingly marching toward another housing bubble. Norman Rockwell, meet Noam Chomsky: HGTV was the third-most-popular network … Continued


Alec Baldwin is ‘Blind’. Why is the Left Complaining?

Few entertainers have been more outspoken about their left-of-center politics than Alec Baldwin. Baldwin is currently (and literally) the face of anti-Trump sentiment in popular culture. The undeniably talented, decidedly progressive actor portrays Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live’s weekly efforts to lampoon and malign the President of the United States. Baldwin is a liberal’s … Continued


Everybody Hates Capitalism but Nobody Hates Netflix

Remember when you had to go to Blockbuster to rent an actual movie? You had to get there Friday before 6:00 pm to make sure the newest releases were still in stock. Enter Netflix. It not only saved a trip to the store, but after experimenting with mailing DVD’s, it started streaming movies via the … Continued