Madonna, Lady Gaga, and the Loneliness of Celebrity

In 1991, all the cool people I knew seemed to learn a lot from Madonna’s Truth or Dare, a documentary chronicling events behind the scenes on her Blonde Ambition tour. The only thing I learned from it was that I would never be one of the cool people. My friends reacted with delight to Madonna’s … Continued


Does Miley Cyrus’ New Image Signal the Death of Shock Pop?

Among the most talked about performances at this weekend’s Billboard Music Awards was one by Miley Cyrus, but not for the reasons you may think. Miley, whose performances the past few years have turned heads for their wacky costumes and deadpan sexual innuendo, surprised the world Sunday with something different. A simple, gimmick-free song. #BBMAs … Continued


Miley Cyrus Stops Twerking, Starts Acting Like a Musician Again

Lady Gaga didn’t just resurrect her career after hitting the skids in 2013. She crafted a blueprint for other shock artists to emulate. And, amazingly enough, the Queen of Twerk appears to be taking notes. Several years ago, Miley Cyrus began shedding her squeaky-clean Disney image, a process that reached warp speed with her Twerk … Continued


Why the Left is Going After Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

In today’s twisted media world, you can get shamed for doing nothing. Take Lady Gaga, the pop superstar chosen to perform at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. Given her track record, fans knew anything was possible from her performance. It’s hard to forget that meat dress ensemble. That also meant she might uncork yet another … Continued

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Why Are America’s Mayors Taking Mindfulness Advice from Lady Gaga?

Last weekend, American mayors gathered for their annual conference in Indianapolis. As it often does for such conferences, the U.S. Conference of Mayors assembled an impressive array of political leaders, policy experts and industry big wigs. Lectures and panels were held on a variety of issues, ranging from water safety and technological innovation to business … Continued


Why Instagram, Not ‘Vogue,’ Controls the Runway

Last week was Fashion Week in New York, and beyond the stories of designers and celebrities a persistent question arose: Are smartphones and social media killing the spectacle of the fashion runway show? New York Times critic Vanessa Friedman recently argued that social media has upended traditional assumptions about the value of fashion shows: This … Continued


Why Men Have Disappeared from Pop Music

It’s only been a week since Adele released her new album, 25, but the British soul singer can already claim to have the fastest-selling album in the United States of the last quarter century—and maybe of all time. The success of 25 and its lead single, the infectious power ballad “Hello,” are all the more … Continued

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Is Fur Fashion Dated?

Last week, Sharon Osbourne lambasted Kim Kardashian’s voracious appetite for all things fur. (ICYMI: Kardashian boasts a wardrobe of fur-lined stilettos, furkinis, and an endless stream of fur coats both for herself and her daughter.) In Osbourne’s words: “[It] makes me physically sick, and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how … Continued


5 Modern-Day Lessons from “The Sound of Music”

It’s the golden anniversary of a piece of cinema gold: The Sound of Music. Fifty years after the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical arrived on the big screen, the Broadway hit-turned-movie retains its appeal. NBC did a made-for-T.V. remake of the hit last year featuring country music star Carrie Underwood. Lady Gaga wowed at this year’s … Continued

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