Kim and Kanye Really Are Together, in Sickness and in Health

When you imagine classic, timeless love stories, the first couple that comes to mind probably isn’t Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Given the number of internet rumors floating around about their relationship being a business arrangement or merely a set-up for reality television, they aren’t most people’s vision of an ideal couple. For those who … Continued


Are We Too Hard on Kanye?

Why are we fascinated by Kanye West? He has been a dominating force in the music industry ever since he released his debut album, The College Dropout, in 2003, but he’s also been the object of ridicule for stunts such as his infamous 2009 MTV Video Music Awards interruption of Taylor Swift, which launched a … Continued


When You Tell a Woman to Keep Her Clothes On, Are You Slut-Shaming?

In case you missed it amidst the chaos of the upcoming presidential election, there’s an equally epic war raging on social media about naked photos, slut shaming, and feminism. Kim Kardashian keeps putting on a Twitter strip show, posting fully or partially nude photos of herself, which has led to vocal backlash and critical comments … Continued


Dear Kim Kardashian, Topless Selfies Are Not Liberating You

Emily Ratajkowski—of “Blurred Lines” music video fame—and Kim Kardashian—of, well, fame fame—posed together last week for a dual topless selfie that blew up the internet. “We are more than just our bodies,” Ratajkowski captioned the photo, “but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality.” In other words, two young … Continued


Why We Love to Spot Celebrity Photoshop Fails

Social media has created a monster, I mean, a massive increase in the number of images of themselves that celebrities make available to their adoring public. But in the past few years, that public has proven itself quick to shift from adoration to outrage when it feels it has been duped by what it sees. … Continued

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Celebrity Princess Bride

In case you blinked and missed it, Mariah Carey got divorced and engaged in the last 4 nanoseconds. And you’re going to have to blink a few times to fully take in her giant rock. The 35-carat piece of bling is, to quote the Huffington Post, “completely insane.” So is Carey’s delusional notion that she is embarking on … Continued


There’s a Kardashian Who Doesn’t Want Her Picture Taken?

In one of those hinge moments in history (OK, maybe not), a member of the Kardashian family recently requested that someone not take a picture of her. Yes, the Kardashian in question was a toddler and draped in expensive furs, but little North, daughter of Kim and Kanye West, nevertheless took a principled stand against … Continued


We Like Big Butts, and We Cannot Lie

There are two reasons to own a donkey in America: to keep a horse company, and to give your friends the opportunity to send greeting cards that compliment you on your fine ass. It is a juvenile sentiment, but apparently popular, as donkey greetings can be found on any sizeable Hallmark display. One shows a … Continued


Why Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton are BFFs!

Katy Perry is ready for Hillary! Bedecked in an American flag cape, turban, and Hillary-for-president logo sewn on to her skintight dress, the singer took to the stage on October 24 at an Iowa rally to perform songs such as “Roar.” Later in the evening, she was a featured guest at a political dinner where … Continued

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