Parents Should Start the New Year by Reassessing Their Kids’ Screen-Time

Naomi Schaefer Riley’s new book, Be the Parent, Please: Stop Banning Seesaws and Start Banning Snapchat, will be published January 8, 2018. “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” That’s what Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook, said recently about the social media giant. He explained: Facebook “literally changes your relationship … Continued


Why You Shouldn’t Lie to Your Kids About Santa Claus

When my father was a little boy, he told his brother that he was excited for Christmas because Santa was coming. His brother called him an idiot, spelling it out clearly: “Santa isn’t real.” My dad ran to his mom and asked tearfully, “Is Santa real?” She looked into his innocent eyes and told him … Continued


Why Kids Benefit from Family Traditions

Helping my kids prepare for Christmas always makes me nostalgic for the holiday traditions of my own childhood. It also makes me realize just how important family traditions are to a child’s sense of happiness, continuity, and belonging. I’ve been thinking about family traditions more than usual this year, after reading Mary Eberstadt’s Weekly Standard … Continued


The Oversharing Parent Problem

Parents embarrassing their kids is a time-honored tradition. No matter how cool the parent, OR how innocent the offense, kids invariably find something their parents do positively mortifying. Growing up, it was the fact that my mother gave me a hug and kiss in public or that she spoke at a school board meeting for … Continued


What Jeff Bezos Gets Right About Parenting

Jeff Bezos was recently interviewed by his younger brother, Mark, at the Summit ideas conference in Los Angeles. The nearly hour-long discussion included a loving portrait of their childhood as well as the Amazon founder’s theories on childrearing. For those of us who believe in the importance of greater independence for our children and have … Continued


This is Why Your Kids Don’t Play Outside

If you want to know who is in charge in American households, look no further than a recent survey by Gallup. When parents were asked how they wanted kids to spend their time, sixty-two percent said they would like the kids to be playing outside and only twelve percent said they should be using electronic … Continued


What I Told My Kids About the Church Shooting in Texas

It’s impossible, and probably unwise, to shield one’s children from every evil in the world. Still, at the ages my kids are—ten, eight, six, and three—they don’t need to be aware of every political happening, national tragedy, or bit of celebrity gossip. That said, my oldest heard the news about the massacre in Texas recently, … Continued


What ‘It’ Can Teach Helicopter Parents About Kids and Resilience

If you’ve seen the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s It, you may have acquired a new fear of clowns. But the movie offers more than thrills and chills—it also inadvertently offers some useful lessons on parenting. The movie, set in 1988, features a group of preteens who find themselves terrorized by a supernatural being … Continued