What Duchess Kate Understands About Motherhood

“Three is the new two!” That is an actual expression where I live in northwest Washington, D.C. In a world where children are treated like an accessory for elites to display, some people have gotten it into their heads that if you can actually afford to have a third child, it’s a way to signal … Continued


When the Duchess of Cambridge Talks About Motherhood, Should We Listen?

When the world’s most-watched mother of preschoolers talks about motherhood, we stop and listen to what she has to say. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge, mother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, has been speaking out about the challenges of being a mother of young children. Her sincerity and willingness to talk about her own … Continued


Is Ivanka Making Motherhood Great Again?

Is Ivanka Trump America’s Kate Middleton? In this viral photo posted on Ivanka’s Instagram page the day before the Inauguration, America’s new first daughter channels the Duchess rather mightily. In the picture, Ivanka is rocking the whole Duchess package: walking down the red-carpeted steps of a private jet in nude stilettos and a gorgeously tailored … Continued


Is Camilla the Wicked Stepmother in the Royal Family Drama?

Just in time for Mother’s Day, bestselling royal biographer Christopher Andersen is out with his latest book, Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne, which portrays Prince Charles’ second wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as something of a wicked stepmother. Take, for example, what the New York Daily News called Camilla’s “Lady Macbeth-esque … Continued


What Prince George’s Bathrobe Says about Modern Parents

Arguably the best thing that happened during the Obamas’ visit to England last week was the meeting between the president and two-year-old Prince George. The tiny royal, who had been allowed to stay up past his bedtime in order to meet Mr. and Mrs. Obama, shook hands with the leader of the free world—in his … Continued

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Need a Female Role Model? Look No Further Than the Queen

As Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning monarch in British history, a review of her life begs the question, Is she the platonic ideal of a woman? That may sound over the top, but looking at her life, one is left with the impression that she is a true renaissance woman. One moment she … Continued


Three Hobbies Princess Charlotte Should Pick Up in Her Life

Many Americans are understandably obsessed with the British monarchy, in spite of the fact that royalty is outdated and irrelevant in our society. That’s because there’s more to royalty than celebrity. Royalty is important to us because we value fairy tales. They remain central to our perspective on the world, so it would be silly … Continued


Celebrities Behaving Well Award

[Voting is now closed.]   It’s time for the second annual Acculturated Celebrities Behaving Well Award! While we all can remember Kanye West’s hissy fit over two wheelchair-bound fans refusing to stand at one of his concerts, Stephanie Seymour’s questionable Harper’s Bazaar spread, and all of the Ray Rice drama, we sometimes overlook all the … Continued


LeBronGate: Where Friendly America Meets Britain

What are we American commoners to make of LeBronGate? Unfamiliar with LeBronGate? It was that now infamous moment when the beloved basketball star wrapped his big sweaty arm in a half hug around Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife and mother to future heirs of the British throne. Our friends across the Atlantic had … Continued


Women: I Figured Out Victoria’s “Secret” and It’s Brilliant

Tina Fey has more than earned the writing awards to her credit, and her social commentary continues to slice through the nuances of politics and culture in an unparalleled fashion. In true form, her autobiography, Bossypants, pretty much nails the state of confusion surrounding women’s body image in modern media: “Now every girl is expected … Continued