‘POPSTAR’: The Parody Justin Bieber Deserves

The comedy trio known affectionately as “The Lonely Island”—Bay Area natives Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone—burst onto the pop-culture scene ten years ago when the three childhood friends were hired by Saturday Night Live at the same time. Their popular “Digital Shorts” video segments, mostly musical in nature, began dropping on a weekly … Continued

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Celebrity Zoo Animals and Reverse Entitlement

Add Justin Bieber to the ranks of celebrities like Amy Schumer who say they don’t owe the public anything—or at least, that they don’t owe selfies on demand. Yesterday Bieber posted a statement on Instagram announcing his new “no selfies” policy for fans. “I’m not gonna take a picture I’m done taking pictures,” he wrote. … Continued


Amy Schumer, Justin Bieber, and the Celebrity Tattoo

Comedian Amy Schumer just unveiled the cover of her new book, which will be out this summer: The book’s title, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, is a play on Stieg Larsson’s wildly successful book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, obviously. But there’s more going on than an homage to Swedish crime fiction. Lower back … Continued



A video of a chubby young man rocking out to a Justin Bieber song has been making the rounds on the Internet this week: Sorry by Justin Bieber Dance Cover ☺️☺️ #Sorry Posted by John Phillip Bughaw aka Balang on Saturday, January 30, 2016   The video has nearly 13 million views on Facebook. Awkward-kid-dancing … Continued


Vogue’s New Brat Pack

First there was the Rat Pack. Then the eighties birthed a group of eight actors who commonly starred in teen dramas together and were collectively known as “The Brat Pack.” Vogue magazine has just rendered them irrelevant. There is a new generation of young adults taking pop culture by storm and Vogue has taken any … Continued


Amy Adams, Class Act

Sandwiched last week between another of Justin Bieber’s car accidents and another of Shia LaBeouf’s public meltdowns, it’s a pleasure to find a celebrity behaving with class and kindness, serving as a positive role model instead of a cautionary example. Boarding a flight Friday from Detroit to Los Angeles where she is shooting a new … Continued


What 100-Year-Old BFFs Can Teach Us

Earlier this month The Steve Harvey Show featured a pair of 100-year-old women in a videotaped interview in which they responded to questions about today’s pop culture. For a couple of minutes the lovely ladies shared their charmingly quaint perspective on such contemporary trends as twerking and selfies, to the amusement of Harvey and his … Continued

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Justin Bieber, Richard Sherman, and the War on Testosterone

I don’t hear them anymore. The drag racers. They used to sound off at about 3 a.m., on the long street that runs a couple blocks behind where I live. The night would be quiet and still and all of a sudden there would be a roar, gears shifting, the drive to light speed. And … Continued


Justin Bieber Shouldn’t Retire and Neither Should You

So Justin Bieber is retiring at the age of 19. If I’d had a year that involved things like a movie flop and being photographed waking up in bed with a hooker, I might retire too. And if I had already packed away tens of millions, I’d probably give it serious thought. Because that’s what … Continued


Justin Bieber Has So, So Much to Learn

Justin Bieber makes me sad. Or maybe it’s just the circus surrounding his life, which is mostly the result of the media. Bieber makes me sad because I love pop music. I love its ability to transport you to another dimension, to lift your soul, to make you happy and even, at its best, foster … Continued

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