We Don’t Need Lessons on Gun Control from Comedians

Last week, the nation’s most prominent comics took a collective deep breath, removed their clown noses and shared with us their deep thoughts on. . . federal gun regulations. But why? Who thinks Conan O’Brien is a firearms expert? Who expects Stephen Colbert to contribute anything new or useful to the debate? Who cares what … Continued


The Hypocrisy of Would-Be Celebrity Revolutionaries

Some liberal celebrities are threatening to leave the country if Donald Trump becomes president. Samuel L. Jackson proposes moving to South Africa, though if Jackson is worried about xenophobia, South Africa is not a great place to avoid it. Miley Cyrus vows “I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I … Continued


How Politics Killed Comedy

One of the most frustrating aspects of our increasingly politicized culture is the demise of comedy. Not that there isn’t a ton of hilarious material to enjoy these days—there is—but it’s impossible to ignore the extent to which lame activism is tarnishing the “comedy” brand. As is often the case, millennials are probably to blame. … Continued


Jon Stewart and the Importance of Satire

The past eighteen months have seen some monumental shifts in the late night television landscape. Jay Leno stepped down (again) from hosting duties at The Tonight Show and in early 2014 Jimmy Fallon brought the franchise back to New York City. When David Letterman announced that he would be retiring last year, CBS countered his … Continued

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The Colbert Experiment

Ed note: While our writers are celebrating the holidays with their families, we took this opportunity to revisit some of our favorite pieces from this year. Hope you enjoy, and happy holidays! Originally published April 14, 2014 After nearly a decade of being in subversive, faux-conservative character, Stephen Colbert is packing his basic cable bags … Continued

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