Here’s to You, David Letterman

When I was in 4th grade, my teacher—Mrs. Sawyer—told me that my love for extemporaneously distracting the class with stories and anecdotes meant that I should have my own late night talk show. I went home that evening, snuck downstairs after everyone else went to bed, and sat down to watch my first full episode … Continued

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The Colbert Experiment

Ed note: While our writers are celebrating the holidays with their families, we took this opportunity to revisit some of our favorite pieces from this year. Hope you enjoy, and happy holidays! Originally published April 14, 2014 After nearly a decade of being in subversive, faux-conservative character, Stephen Colbert is packing his basic cable bags … Continued

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David Letterman and the End of Late Night

At its best, late night TV correlates to a state not unlike the dreaminess that viewers at home are experiencing. The late hours are a time where mysticism and the subconscious expand as the active mind shuts down, the neurotransmitters of the brain secreting serotonin as we enter an altered state. Of course, it can … Continued

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A Humble Start for Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon delivered his first monologue as host of the Tonight Show and it was a doozy. It was sweet, funny and something you don’t see a lot on TV: humble and purposeful. Fallon not only expressed his joy and awe at achieving the biggest job in all of late-night television, but he wondered aloud … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Three Cheers for Our Talented Child Actors–Salon The rise of the quality child actor . . . can be traced to two general phenomena. One is that scriptwriters and directors figured out how to use child actors effectively . . . But the other is the emergence of that very parallel entertainment universe . . … Continued