George Martin: The Real Fifth Beatle

There were only ever four Beatles: George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney (?), and Ringo Starr. But that hasn’t stopped many from nominating candidates for an unofficial, honorary “Fifth Beatle” to join the group in musical immortality. Many possibilities exist. Yet surveying them reveals Beatles producer George Martin, whose death last week at 90 deprived … Continued

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Paul McCartney, Still on the Run at 72

I remember when rock was young, as Elton John sang, so young that no one could even imagine a rock star being over the age of 30. The very thought of someone that old still pumping out power chords onstage would have seemed ludicrous to my generation. Speaking of “My Generation,” The Who’s lyric “I … Continued

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The Lost Art of the Thank-You Letter

Letter writing, in our age of instant communication, is a dying art. Why write letters when we have e-mail, text messaging, Google chat, Facebook, and Skype? I have family in Iran, Sweden, and Canada, and a boyfriend in Prague, so I appreciate and rely on the many quick and easy ways that we can all … Continued

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Today’s Pop Culture Scene

by Emily Esfahani Smith 1. GOP celebrity endorsements from The Daily Beast (Kelsey Grammer, who supported Rudy Giuliani in 2008, was apparently smitten by Michele Bachmann in this primary cycle; Chuck Norris is a Ron Paul guy–as is Barry Manilow; and Cindy Crawford is gunning for Mitt). 2. Art fix: Julianne Moore as Modigliani’s muse, … Continued