Delta’s Treatment of Wounded Veterans Should Be First Class

Last week I wrote about how the stigma against veterans with invisible injuries is exacerbated by Hollywood portrayals. But what about clearly visible injuries and how they’re treated by large companies? Aboard a Delta flight, Marine Lance Cpl. Christian Brown, a veteran who had been going through physical therapy at Walter Reed for his new prosthetic … Continued


That Nonexistent Time When Everyone Read More Books

Julia Ingalls, writing in Salon, laments that the way we consume literature is changing, forcing us to turn to more instantly gratifying, “repackaged” literature. While she eventually praises the works that come of this new cultural shift, she writes that “[t]he reality of the 21st century is that unaccounted-for blocks of time just don’t exist … Continued


Preoccupied with Regulating Student Thought Crime, Universities Ignore Binge Drinking

For once, it’s the universities, and not the students, that are failing to prioritize. After decades of increased efforts to use “campus life” offices and orientation programs to delve into students’ personal politics, institutions of higher education are realizing a real menace that has gone neglected: binge drinking. Bloomberg reports that “Harvard faculty voted last month to require registration … Continued


The “Hollywood Holocaust” and Other Cold War Myths

Howard Kurtz calls our attention to the Hollywood Reporter where the current publisher issued an apology for what he termed the “Hollywood Holocaust,” in which the industry magazine, “Hollywood Reporter,” led by his father, Billy Wilkerson, led a “crusade” against the Communist Party in Hollywood. Kurtz describes the effort as “odious” and an “appalling chapter of … Continued

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The New War Story Telling

The recent dust-up over Navy SEALS disclosing top secret details over one of their missions to producers of a video game has shed new light over the increasing realism of military-based shooters, and more importantly, how we remember our military victories. Our culture of war-story telling has greatly changed over the last decade thanks to … Continued