Stop Demanding that Celebrities Tell Us About Their Fertility Struggles

Are celebrities misleading women about pregnancy? Researchers think so. Authors and researchers from New York University School of Medicine and New York University Langone Medical Center completed a comprehensive study of popular women’s magazines—US Weekly, Cosmopolitan and People—over a four-year period. The Daily Mail reports their findings as follows: “Just over half of female celebrities … Continued


Janet Jackson’s Pregnancy: Is 50 Too Old To Have a Baby?

People magazine confirmed what once would have been incredible news: a fifty-year-old singer (in this case, Janet Jackson) is pregnant with her first child. Not included in the glowing piece on the new mother, however, is any mention of what must have been the medical interventions undertaken to accomplish a nearly-impossible feat. In a piece … Continued


Chrissy Teigen, Eugenicist

Betcha thought Chrissy Teigen was the cutest little pregnant lady, didn’t you? I did. I love seeing pregnant women who look cute and glowy and still manage to glam it up while with child, even though they no doubt feel like distant cousins of the Great Blue Whale. When Teigen and husband John Legend announced … Continued

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Should We Try to Stop Our Biological Clocks?

Can we beat the female biological clock? Our culture seems obsessed with answering this question. Silicon Valley companies looking to hire and retain top female talent are now offering egg freezing as a job benefit. IVF has long made it possible for some women to put off having children until an age when childbearing used … Continued


The Kardashians’ Extreme Sex Selection

Did you hear that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who recently announced Kim’s second pregnancy, used sex-selective in vitro fertilization to get a male embryo? Apparently the duo used a procedure where doctors isolate male embryos for implantation, at a cost of $17,000 (on top of an already costly procedure). Or maybe they didn’t. Both … Continued


Sofía Vergara and the Case of the Frozen Embryos

Modern family, indeed. In a story befitting an Aldous Huxley novel, the star of Modern Family is being sued over the frozen embryos she shares with her ex-fiancé. Sofía Vergara and her ex, Nick Loeb, have two female embryos in a freezer somewhere. They had them made (awkward phrasing, I admit, but how else does one … Continued


Dolce & Gabbana under Fire for Defending the Traditional Family

The fashion community and its celebrity devotees see themselves as free-thinking, liberal-minded individuals, but in fact, artistic types tend to cling to politically correct groupthink. So when one of their number goes against the grain on a particular issue, the others often unite in disproportionate outrage. In a recent interview with the Italian magazine Panorama, designer icons … Continued

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Jane, the (Charming, Pregnant) Virgin

Imagine a show about the adventures of a young, comely virgin. Doubt it’d exist? Jane the Virgin, adapted from a Venezuelan telenovela, is a new CW abshow that’s original, affable, and surprisingly respectful of religious believers. The show offers a new twist on traditional mores—provocatively and comically—asking: What happens when the wrong woman is artificially … Continued

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The Brave New World of IVF

Where does one even start with this story? With the facts, I suppose. Sherri Shepherd, former host of The View,  used technology to create a baby using her husband’s sperm and a donor’s egg. She used a surrogate to carry the baby, where the baby is still in utero. Sherri and her husband are now … Continued