Enough with the Sex Talk, Megyn Kelly

I have always been in love with Megyn Kelly. Take or leave her politics, the Fox News anchor has it all—she’s law-school educated, smart as a whip, classy as it comes, tough as hell, and stunningly beautiful to boot. She has three adorable kids with her husband and her primetime show The Kelly File is … Continued

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Jake Gyllenhaal and the Moral Lessons of ‘Southpaw ‘

In an interview with Howard Stern last week, Jake Gyllenhaal was interrogated about everything from his failed romance with Taylor Swift to the details of his Bar Mitzvah some twenty years prior. Amidst the silly (however entertaining) banter typical on Stern’s program, Gyllenhaal was asked to expound on his feelings when he learns that other … Continued

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In the Shadow of a Celebrity Dad

Being the child of a celebrity is a curse as well as a blessing. Being born into a life of wealth and glamour comes with obvious perks, and many children of celebrities inevitably become insufferable, spoiled brats, particularly if they aren’t blessed with a talent of their own that distinguishes them from their famous parents. … Continued


Bill Murray and the Case for Self-Reflection

Few people fascinate me the way Bill Murray does. At this point, his quirky, magnanimous behavior on and off the silver screen is the stuff of legend (or, for the more cynical among us, fodder for another round of eye rolls). I wrote about Murray earlier this year here at Acculturated and the impetus behind … Continued

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The Raunchy, Religious Tween Comic

Oy, the scandal! When even religious Americans embrace the worst aspects of our secular culture, is it time to declare culture war defeat? Josh Orlian, a (not so) nice Jewish boy from my home county of Westchester, New York, recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent with a racy comedy routine. The Internet’s calling him “naughty,” … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Wonder Women: Team USA’s Female Olympic Athletes–Vogue With divine grace and unmatched drive, these elite athletes are ready to swim, kick, tumble, and sprint their way to the summer Olympic games. Arianna Huffington and Dalai Lama Talk Holiness, Compassion–Huff Post What do you hope to achieve through this collaboration between science and spirituality? Carry it … Continued


The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Lena Dunham’s Girls vs. Sex and the City—Time Well, the bad sex in Sex and the City was sort of like, “It was so bad he left his socks on.” Our sex is like “It was really bad because we’re not emotionally connected and he doesn’t want to be here and I’m scared and alone.”  … Continued