Does Hollywood Hate Christmas?

Christmas is around the corner, and its critics are out again. No, they’re not making coffee cups red or forcing your children to say “Happy Holidays.” But they are coopting the traditions of Christmas in an effort to undermine the family. Two recent movies—Daddy’s Home 2 and A Bad Moms Christmas—both make the holiday seem … Continued


The Clinton Impeachment is Finally Getting the Hollywood Treatment

American Crime Story show runner Ryan Murphy recently announced that he is planning a series on President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. The History Channel just gave the green light to a show on the same subject. And Amazon Studios is slated to do a film related to what has proven to be the biggest crisis to … Continued


‘Bob’s Burgers’ and Hollywood’s Problem with Thanksgiving

It happens every year; stores are covered in red and green Christmas decorations before Halloween celebrations even start. Commercialism overtakes commonsense. I don’t know if the early saturation of Christmas décor works for sales since it actually seems to make everyone mad, but it seems to happen earlier and earlier every year. And yet, I … Continued


Why Hollywood Loves to Take Cheap Shots at Conservatives

There’s a remarkable scene in the otherwise unremarkable 2012 movie, The Three Stooges, that speaks volumes about Hollywood. The sequence features the story’s villains, played by Kirby Heyborne and Sofia Vergara, together in bed. Can you guess the magazine Vergara’s character is reading? It’s The Weekly Standard, a reliably conservative publication. That’s a tell that … Continued


How Hollywood Ruined Jo Nesbo’s ‘Snowman’

The Snowman, Swedish director Tomas Alfredson’s Hollywood adaptation of Norwegian mystery novelist Jo Nesbo’s 2007 serial-murder thriller of the same name, is just as awful a movie as all the critics have said it is (“dreary as a Nordic winter and almost as long”). By the time I saw the film on November 2, at … Continued


Sex Addiction, #MeToo, and Open Secrets

The Harvey Weinstein “Perv-gate” scandal, now nearly a month old, has gone from the sordid to the ridiculous and back again. The latest—and surely one of the most revolting of all the allegations of Hollywood- and media-linked sexual improprieties—has been forty-six-year-old actor Anthony Rapp’s statement that just-terminated House of Cards star Kevin Spacey had thrown … Continued


The Moral Emptiness of Hollywood Moms

There’s wide agreement that super creep and alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein’s harassment and abuse of women was an open secret. It’s a cliché, but it does appear that everyone and their mother knew about it. His victims certainly knew—Gwyneth Paltrow, Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette, Angelina Jolie, Heather Graham, just to name a few. Other powerful … Continued


Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood Whataboutism

Hollywood has evidently decided that the appropriate way to deal with the black eye that is producer Harvey Weinstein is with an eraser. That’s right. An industry blog, Deadline, reports that his company, The Weinstein Company, is looking to erase Weinstein’s name from the credits of movies and television shows he produced, and the Company … Continued