‘Wonder Woman’ Underestimates Wonder

I am thrilled my younger sister finally got to see a female-led superhero film, one starring the most iconic superheroine in all of comics. Wonder Woman succeeds brilliantly as a course-correction for DC’s cinematic universe, giving us a hopeful and heroic protagonist instead of the travesties of Batman and Superman previously seen on screen. Yet … Continued


Is Hollywood Guilty of Cultural Appropriation in its Casting?

The art of acting creates something of an illusion for the audience. The actor plays the role of another person but often becomes so immersed in the character that audiences often associate the actor with the character instead of the real-life person. In most cases, it is the performance above all else that’s compelling to … Continued


Yes, There Are Some Good Hollywood Marriages

In an industry dominated by headlines about the salacious breakups of celebrity marriages, I think it worthwhile to shed a little light on the Hollywood relationships that stand (at least some of) the test of time. Case in point: Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar. In a recent E! News interview, Mr. Prinze, Jr. … Continued


Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Good Divorce?’ Hollywood Thinks So.

Given the fact that everyone in Hollywood eventually gets divorced (or so it seems), celebrities like to think they’re getting quite good at it. Ever the trendsetters, there’s a new “best way” to get divorced for parents in Tinseltown, with every couple working to show just how cool they can be while dissolving their union. … Continued


Scientology’s Hollywood Problem

How do we solve a problem like Scientology? Its founder, the late L. Ron Hubbard (who, according to Scientologists, isn’t dead but rather resides in a different context that’s too complex for us non-Scientologists to fathom) used his Hollywood know-how and derring-do to make the cult a worldwide powerhouse complete with a bevy of eager … Continued