The Weight of Men

There is no comparison when it comes to pressures about weight and body image issues—women have it tougher than men. It’s not fair and it’s not right. But while much has (rightly) been said and written about the heightened pressures that women face, we tend to forget that men have issues of their own. I … Continued


Take it From Oprah: Accept Yourself, Just Not Every Pound

Oprah Winfrey has had some wacky ideas over the years—she gave a platform to vaccine denier Jenny McCarthy, not to mention faith-healing promoter Dr. Oz—but you don’t get to be the most successful businesswoman in the world without having a pragmatic core. And judging by a recent article in the New York Times Magazine, that … Continued


The Media’s Hypocritical ‘Concern’ for Trump’s Health

It’s sweet, really. USA Today’s healthcare policy reporter Jayne O’Donnell is very concerned about President Donald Trump’s wellbeing. In an article entitled, “Will Trump’s Exercise and Eating Habits Catch Up to Him as Stress Mounts,” she writes: He’s 71, holds down an incredibly stressful job, and is overweight. He doesn’t exercise. His eating habits are … Continued


Dr. Gwyneth and Her Goop Will See You Now

Retired actress and current lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow is determined to expand her Goop empire. Paltrow isn’t going to let her recent admission on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she “Doesn’t know what the f**k we [at Goop] talk about” deter her from teaming up with Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Condé Naste to launch a … Continued


Should Parents Limit Kids’ Exposure to Virtual Reality?

How do you know which rides your kids should go on at Universal Studios? This is the question I confronted last week. The map of the park lists no fewer than 14 symbols by which to judge the rides, including whether there are sign language interpreters available. Obviously, there are the height requirements, which meant … Continued


Why We Should Stop Drugging Our Kids

Maybe it’s time to stop drugging our children. A new study from the Medical Journal of Australia has found that the youngest kids in any given class are twice as likely to be receiving medication for behavioral disorders as the older kids in the class. And the proportion of boys receiving such medication was three … Continued


Is Television to Blame for Record-High STD Rates?

Morality and monogamy are old school. In the modern era Millennials and Gen X’ers are expected to have more partners and be more sexually active than previous generations, all without any consequences. After all, that’s the message we get on TV and in the movies—that’s it’s only dullards and 40-Year-Old Virgins who aren’t finding hookups … Continued


Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Reveal Her Weight – and Why She Should

Actors who have the misfortune of turning another year older every year are celebrating a new California law that makes it illegal for some entertainment websites, like IMDb, to reveal their ages. They hail it as one small step against age discrimination, but it’s actually a giant lunge backward, one that gives oxygen to the … Continued


Wearing a FitBit Won’t Help Your Fat Bits

In yet another stunning blow to the Quantified Self movement (whose mantra is “self-knowledge through numbers”), a new study found that wearing a fitness tracking device such as a FitBit doesn’t improve your efforts at weight loss. The study, published in JAMA, tracked people trying to lose weight by dividing them into two groups: one followed … Continued