Raising Sons in the Age of Trump

One of the most disturbing facets of the wave of hysteria sweeping half the nation in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory is the recent trend of feminist confessionals about their problematic feelings for their male children. In a recent opinion piece for The Sydney Morning Herald, self-declared feminist Polly Dunning, herself the … Continued


Janet Jackson’s Pregnancy: Is 50 Too Old To Have a Baby?

People magazine confirmed what once would have been incredible news: a fifty-year-old singer (in this case, Janet Jackson) is pregnant with her first child. Not included in the glowing piece on the new mother, however, is any mention of what must have been the medical interventions undertaken to accomplish a nearly-impossible feat. In a piece … Continued


The Bias Against Big Families and the Rise of Childless Cities

Oh, the bias against big families—especially religious families. Take this recent Washington Post headline: “Stop assuming that families with lots of children are religious.” Or how about this one from Babble: “This is why you should never judge that mom in the grocery store with five kids.” Where does this naked assumption that there is … Continued


Do We Really Need to Hear about Dax Shepard’s Vasectomy?

Few things in this life are more personal than the details and circumstances surrounding a husband’s and wife’s decision to have children. Far be it from me to tell another man—especially one who makes his living in the public spotlight—how he should handle information regarding his choice to get a vasectomy (without consulting with his … Continued


That Moment When You Regret Not Having Kids

“Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.” That’s the last line from The Catcher in the Rye, when protagonist Holden Caulfield winds up in a mental hospital. His inability to connect with other people, caused in part by trauma over the death of his younger brother, has made Caulfield unable … Continued


Justice Scalia’s Other Legacy

What is the measure of a man’s impact on the world? And what is the best way to assess a legacy? In the case of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, much has been written and said about his legacy as a jurist. It is a measure of his decency as a human … Continued


Should We Try to Stop Our Biological Clocks?

Can we beat the female biological clock? Our culture seems obsessed with answering this question. Silicon Valley companies looking to hire and retain top female talent are now offering egg freezing as a job benefit. IVF has long made it possible for some women to put off having children until an age when childbearing used … Continued


Netflix’s Plan to Make America Great Again

Netflix pioneered the unlimited streaming plan, allowing consumers to watch as much content as they could. This offering found a strange echo in the company’s vacation policy, which allows staffers to take as much time as they like whenever they want to. And now, Netflix has extended its “no limits” ethos to parental leave, allowing … Continued

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Don’t Compartmentalize Kids

The cover of the June issue of Australian Elle magazine tells a powerful tale. We see model Nicole Trunfio nursing her young son and enjoying the special coziness that mothers regularly share with their infants. However, the backstory is even better. Unlike last year’s Glamour shots of Olivia Wilde nursing her son, the cover that … Continued


Why Women in Music Matter

Earlier this month, I posted an argument in defense of divas, specifically lauding female singers for their “extravagance and willingness to be bold.” Incidentally, the same week, a cadre of women assumed all five spots on Billboard’s top hits—a record that hadn’t been achieved since 1979. It is in this context that I’d like to … Continued

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