Husbands Are Not the Enemy

In the wake of a cascade of articles from the New York Times celebrating January’s Women’s March as a stirring symbol of feminist empowerment—as demonstrated by pussy hats, profane placards, unhinged celebrity poetry, and the rejection of pro-life women—that same paper hit a new low in the blatant bashing of American manhood. The Times’ Nicholas … Continued


Hollywood’s Hypocrisy About Guns

Hollywood denizens want it both ways when it comes to their product. They acknowledge that today’s movies are more violent than ever: consider the Bourne franchise, Quentin Tarantino’s bloody film canon, and just about every action movie released these days. So what happens when a real-life violent action occurs on-screen, such as a gun massacre? Heck, … Continued


The Antidote to Toxic Masculinity

The recent slaughter of nearly fifty people in an Orlando gay bar is now the deadliest mass shooting in American history, and as such it has ratcheted up our national conversation about guns and terrorism into a frenzied crosstalk about whom and what to blame: Islam? The NRA? Homophobia? Salon’s Amanda Marcotte believes it can … Continued


We Don’t Need Lessons on Gun Control from Comedians

Last week, the nation’s most prominent comics took a collective deep breath, removed their clown noses and shared with us their deep thoughts on. . . federal gun regulations. But why? Who thinks Conan O’Brien is a firearms expert? Who expects Stephen Colbert to contribute anything new or useful to the debate? Who cares what … Continued


What Can We Learn From Watching the Roanoke Shooting Footage?

There is an old story about how Native Americans, when first introduced to the camera, believed that it could steals their souls. Though usually taken as a story of primitive superstition, you can find a sort of retelling of it by Western writers like Susan Sontag and Daniel Boorstin, who also believed images could rob … Continued


Gangster Squad: Sometimes It’s Just a Movie

by R. J. Moeller Gangster Squad opened nationwide recently and, being the sucker for nostalgic post-WWII crime dramas that I am, I forked over some devalued U.S. currency to see what all the “excessive violence” chatter was about. Out of respect for the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, this past summer (and for fear of box … Continued

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