Meryl Streep and Hollywood’s Hypocrisy Problem

In 2003 Hollywood stood up—literally—to cheer Roman Polanski after he won the Best Director Oscar for The Pianist. That’s despite the fact that Polanski admitted to drugging and raping a thirteen-year-old girl in Jack Nicholson’s Jacuzzi in the late 1970s. Among the superstars offering a standing ovation to the man who fled the country rather … Continued


Does ‘La La Land’ Deserve the Hype?

The emotional payoff at the end of the La La Land—which just won a Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy (along with six other awards, including Best Screenplay)—could have been huge. Many of the elements for a powerful climax are there: rich cinematography, good actors, and a steady and talented director. There’s only one … Continued

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Why ‘The Revenant’ is Really About Fatherhood

On Christmas Day here in Los Angeles, I saw the best film of 2015—The Revenant. Directed by the Academy Award-winning Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman), and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, The Revenant is based on the life of an American fur-trapping guide in the 1820s named Hugh Glass who embarked on an epic journey … Continued

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Hollywood’s “American Sniper” Conundrum

When the roll was called for the Golden Globe nominees last month, one film – along with its director, screenwriter and leading man – was noticeably absent from the attendance list. Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper had been ginning up buzz for months before its limited released on Christmas Day and only after you have seen … Continued

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Redemption Time for Anne Hathaway?

Over the past three years, Anne Hathaway has become the most disliked actress in Hollywood. Or at least the one that Twitter has mocked the most. The criticisms of Ms. Hathaway have reached epic proportions since 2011, the year she co-hosted the worst Academy Awards show in recent memory with the stoned corpse of James … Continued


Why We’ll Miss Dr. Cristina Yang

Tonight the doctors at Seattle Grace will wrap up their tenth season on the ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy.  One of the surgeons, Cristina Yang (played by Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh), will be exiting the show at the finale.   Oh’s character has been an integral part of the drama since its beginning, along with Drs. … Continued

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The Golden Globes: Hollywood Finally Gets Classy

In case you didn’t notice, the Golden Globes have gotten better, and here’s my one-word summary as to why: tact. Whether they realize it or not, the presenters are employing more tact in their writing more than they have in the past, and the revised approach is winning. The Golden Globes is renowned for its … Continued


Golden Globes Prove the Need for Real Diversity in Hollywood

In answer to Commentary’s question about the future of Conservatism “in the wake of the 2012 election,” Academy-Award-nominated screenwriter and cofounder of Pajamas Media Roger Simon issued a challenge. “Move to take back the arts and entertainment,” Simon proposed. “Conservatives whine incessantly about Hollywood. Stop whining and do it. Learn to make movies and TV … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Where pop culture meets the virtues . . . Presenting the best in Golden Globes’ gossip, chatter, and analysis: Recap: Who Won What—Big Hollywood Celebrating Middle Aged Woman—Huffington Post The Best Dressed at the Golden Globes—The Daily Beast Pic of the Day . . . the classy Helen Mirren: The Golden Globes Fashion Breakdown—WSJ Host Ricky … Continued