Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Like many adult Americans, I have mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions. On the one hand, as a type-A “go-getter,” I’m drawn to the idea of jotting down a list of nearly-impossible tasks like “Lose 30 pounds,” “Never lose my temper,” or “Learn Mandarin,” and at least, you know, giving it the ol’ college try … Continued


You Don’t Need a “Passion Project,” You Need a Purpose

Not long ago, I listened to a thirty-year-old man tell his much older and newly-retired parent, “You need to find your passion.” Really? “Maybe he just wants to enjoy the scenery a while, hang out with his grandkids, and read some books on the beach,” I thought. But evidently I’m in the minority these days. It … Continued


Barefoot Contessa, Career Counselor?

Conventional wisdom on wise career decision-making is to start by setting some goals. We tend to imagine that the most successful people are extremely goal-directed, setting their sights on something and then doing everything in their power to achieve it. Why? Because “if you don’t know where you’re going,” says the book title by legendary … Continued

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A ‘Wake Up Call’ from The Rock

Reality television—with its manufactured melodrama, Machiavellian alliances, needy narcissism, and drunken hookups—rewards bad behavior with money and fame (or rather, infamy, which too many people now see as no different from fame and perhaps even better). So it’s refreshing when a reality show comes along that focuses on steering people away from bad attitudes and … Continued

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What Millennials Can Learn From Walter Mitty

I had high hopes for the family-friendly, PG-rated The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a Christmas Day premiere starring Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig.  A loose adaption of the 1939 short story of the same name, Mitty is Stiller’s latest venture into directing; he also plays the submissive, mild-mannered title character, whose mundane reality working … Continued

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New Year’s Resolution: Be Yourself

The new year is upon us, and most of us are considering a wide array of potential resolutions to make. Over the next week our Facebook and Twitter accounts will likely be besieged with articles by experts on the best ways to make resolutions or resolution stories that are bit off the beaten path. Certainty … Continued