Is There A Merit Badge for Gender Denial?

In the effort to elevate girls, why do we need to destroy organizations designed to help boys? That’s precisely what’s happening to one of America’s oldest and most trusted organizations—an organization actually created to help boys develop into civic-minded, responsible men. The Boy Scouts of America announced this week that starting next year, young girls … Continued


Why I Am Not Raising My Daughters to be Feminists

HuffPost reported recently on a project created by photographers and partners Sham Hinchey and Marzia Messina called “Dear Daughters,” in which 22 men posed for artsy portraits with their daughters, ages eight to eleven, and chatted informally but a little awkwardly, with them about feminism. As you might expect from HuffPost, a half-hour video of the … Continued


If Gender is ‘Fluid,’ Why are Gender Reveal Parties So Popular?

It’s definitely a girl. Definitely. That’s what family and friends of Matt Ostergaard and Adrianna Zbik learned last week when Ostergard arranged for the 187-foot-tall SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to be lit up in pink for his child’s “gender reveal.” Amazingly, this was not the first Ferris wheel gender reveal. In the spring, … Continued


The War on Pronouns

When was the last time you encountered someone who was offended by the pronoun you used to refer to them? If you are like most people, the answer is probably never. In part that’s because the number of transgender people in the United States is only 0.3 percent, according to the Williams Institute on Sexual … Continued


The Ridiculous Crusade for Gender-Neutral Toys

Christina Hoff Sommers—who literally wrote the book on the war on boys—notes that there’s a movement afoot to de-gender toys. Target has pulled the “boys” and “girls” labeling from their toy aisles. The White House recently hosted a “summit” on the perils of gender-specific toys. Time proclaims that “the next generation of kids will play … Continued


Is There a Right Way to be a Boy?

The Huffington Post recently posted a photo series from a project called #ABoyCanToo, portraits of boys who pursue interests traditionally associated with girls. The article, titled, “13 Empowering Photos Show There’s No ‘Right’ Way to Be a Boy,” praises the project for “shining a light on kids who don’t let gender norms prevent them from … Continued


Why College Students Can’t Tell the Difference Between Boys and Girls

Most videos that string together clips of people struggling to answer what should be easy questions are meant to make us laugh. And certainly, this new video from the Family Policy Institute showing college students stumbling to answer the question, “Is there a difference between men and women?” is good for a chuckle. Yet there … Continued


‘Girl Meets World’ Star Might Want to Meet a Biology Textbook

Tumblr, a mecca for liberal SJW (social justice warriors), lists dozens of user-generated “genders” created on their blogging site. If it wasn’t so scary to see what passes for politically correct thinking in the millennial generation, some of the examples would be downright hysterical. Okay, I take that back, they are hysterical. Here are a … Continued


First World Problems: Gender-Neutral Kids Clothes

Sometimes, a subtitle can say it all. In her recent Bloomberg Business piece on the changing economics of “gender neutral” clothing – “The End of Boys and Girls: These Companies Are Going to Change the Way Your Kids Dress” – Kim Bhasin, perhaps unintentionally, sums up the heart of the problem with this movement: Frustrated … Continued

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