Feminists Find ‘The Red Pill’ Hard to Swallow

Intellectual humility—the acknowledgement that the truth is more important than your version of it—requires you to be open-minded enough not only to listen to an opposing viewpoint but to be willing to change yours when you are wrong. It is a quality in short supply and sadly undervalued in our age of arrogance. Filmmaker and … Continued

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Why I’m Not a Feminist

I live in liberal Boulder, Colorado. No, that’s not right, because that understates just how liberal it is here in my little college town just thirty minutes from Denver. We’re actually ranked one of the five most liberal-friendly cities in the United States. To be fair, I consider myself mostly a liberal Democrat and am … Continued


Audi’s Super Bowl Commercial Sends a Misleading Message to Girls—& America

Luxury car maker Audi wants consumers to associate its brand with high-minded concepts like equality, fairness, aspiration, and progress. The company’s marketing department must have determined that people able to afford their cars (which start at $34,900) want their purchase to signal not just wealth, but also that they believe in these virtues. That’s why … Continued


Everything’s Political—Even Your Food Choices

Last month, National Geographic declared, with the help of an exploitive picture of a pink-clad transgender child, that America is in the midst of a gender revolution. Everything, it seems, is now being looked at through the lens of gender, including our choices about what to eat. According to a recent article in the Washington … Continued


If Women are Better Doctors, Aren’t Men Better Firefighters?

Men and women are made differently and possess different skills and attributes. This is one of those statements that used to be uncontroversial and incontrovertible, but in the last few years become politically incorrect to utter. Female applicants to the New York City Fire Department are held to a different standard than men in the … Continued


The Men Who Say Sexism Isn’t That Big a Deal Are Right

It’s another instance of thought crime. “More than half the men in America don’t think gender inequality is a thing,” tut-tutted Fusion’s headline, underneath the label “Uphill Battle.” The Huffington Post was even brasher: “LOL, 56 Percent Of Men Think Sexism Is Over.” Under fire were the respondents to a Pew Research Center poll released … Continued


‘New York’ Magazine’s War on Men

New York magazine’s digital fashion blog The Cut announced last week that it is addressing “the gender wars” in a new blog, as well as a column, intended to provide its largely female readership with a greater understanding of men and masculinity. This seemed like an intriguing and positive step toward easing tensions in the … Continued


Who’s Afraid of Big, Bad Barbie?

Holiday shopping season is usually the time we hear handwringing about “gendered” toy traditions—trucks, action figures, and building blocks for boys, and princesses, stuffed animals, and, worst of all, dreaded Barbies for little girls. The White House Council on Women and Girls appears to be coming late to this game and is hosting a daylong … Continued


Is Siri Sexist?

Just as smart phones went from being pricey, specialty gadgets to ubiquitous today, some tech industry leaders believe artificially intelligent personal assistants (IPAs) could be the next innovation to transform society and further embed technology into the fabric of our lives. Major companies are competing to design the most appealing IPA, and commentators are taking … Continued

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