Shakespeare in the Calais Jungle

I flew up the stairs the other night prepared to rant at my three oldest kids (who were supposed to be in their own beds with lights out but were instead making all kinds of loud noise) to go to sleep. As I prepared to issue a stern warning, I was greeted by three children … Continued


Can Rock Defeat Terrorism?

One month ago, Eagles of Death Metal were in mid-performance at the Bataclan Theater in Paris when their show was interrupted by a terrorist attack that left 89 dead there (and 130 total in coordinated attacks elsewhere in the city). All the members of the rock band survived and were understandably traumatized, but they swiftly … Continued

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France’s Crackdown on Skinny Modeling is Prudent Public Policy

Earlier this week, my Acculturated colleague, Chelsea Samelson, offered a strongly worded critique of France’s proposed legislation barring the use of “skinny” models in fashion. Samelson offers several valid arguments, including pointing out that lawmaking will not stop eating disorders and rebuffing the notion that BMI is a perfect barometer for vetting health. However, I … Continued

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France’s Bizarre “You’re Too Skinny” Law

Imagine, for a moment, the fury and horror that would ensue if we passed a law making it illegal to hire a woman for being too fat. It’s almost unimaginable, right? The idea of legalizing and enforcing weight-based discrimination is so preposterous it’s almost comical. But that just happened. Not here, but in France, and … Continued

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