Nancy Drew Can Be Any Race—But Not Any Age

The Nancy Drew television series now in development at CBS made headlines this month when CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller told The Hollywood Reporter that Nancy “[will] not [be] Caucasian.” That’s fine, and even a welcome step for those who believe that television should better reflect the growing diversity in the United States. As someone … Continued

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Why I Wish Leslie Knope was Running for President

With the US presidential election a year away, I am trying to be a more informed citizen by keeping up with the news and watching debates, such as last night’s fourth Republican presidential candidate debate. I have never taken a political science class, but I have watched a lot of Parks and Recreation, which centers … Continued

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The Loathsome Claire Underwood

Television is full of anti-heroes these days, and House of Cards’ Claire Underwood leads the pack in the female category. She is, I would argue, the most loathsome woman in television currently. She is a mash-up of various real political figures. Before anyone, she reminds me of Wendy Davis, the female hero of the abortion movement for her … Continued

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Five Reasons to Love Claire Underwood

Just about everyone who loves House of Cards hates Claire Underwood. She has been dubbed an “anti-hero” and been called a cold, ruthless, immoral villain. I was surprised to discover this, and even more surprised to discover that my dear sister and colleague, Ashley McGuire, has joined the anti-Claire camp. Frankly, I like Claire. In … Continued

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Love Lessons from ‘Anne of Green Gables’

Recently, I was staring at a huge tree, its branches covered in white blossoms. It had been a long winter in Washington, D.C., and I caught myself deliberately slowing my steps, wanting to savor the sight of the tree as long as possible. Didn’t, I thought, Anne of Green Gables have a tree like this? … Continued

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What Makes a Female Lead “Strong”?

As my Netflix recommendation list can attest, I’m a fan of shows and movies with a strong female lead. So Tasha Robinson’s article lamenting the loss of a strong female character hit close to home.  The article argues that strong male characters effectively cancel out the female character. Robinson ends with a plea for more … Continued

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Why We’ll Miss Dr. Cristina Yang

Tonight the doctors at Seattle Grace will wrap up their tenth season on the ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy.  One of the surgeons, Cristina Yang (played by Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh), will be exiting the show at the finale.   Oh’s character has been an integral part of the drama since its beginning, along with Drs. … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Ten Fictional Characters People Need to Stop Idolizing–Flavorwire We all need idols, and considering how central books, film, and TV can be to our lives, it makes sense that so many of us count fictional characters among our role models. But not every charismatic protagonist is an Atticus Finch — or even a Leslie Knope. … Continued